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Pennzoil performance. Line are Mike. into the weekend matchups wild card weekend and of course we gotta start off with the Patriots. They're the biggest headliner they're the team. That is most polarizing. Do you feel that. It's different this time around with the Patriots. Because I've certainly we try to write them off way earlier than what we should but this year or is it different in your eyes. Do they have what it takes to not only get past the titans but get past the Gauntlet in the AFC to get back to a super bowl. We're GONNA take it one week at time and I think if we were sitting here this time of year ago we were talking about well. Can they beat the chargers. Let's say so You know we're still talking about Tom. Brady we're still talking about bill. Bell checks so let's not write them off. You know quite yet here they are still still a smart talented and disciplined team. That's still when the AFC east you know we take for granted but you know they are a division winner this year. They still have a really strong defense this year and I think in particular the two players we gotta keep an eye on. One is a Landon Roberts because if you really say them carefully Anthony. They were very productive out of a to back running attack when they las James Devlin. They're very talented full-back. A landed Roberts converted from linebacker done a nice job for them. So that's one guy to keep. Can I on if they get into this to back runs. I think they really have a chance to control the game. which is not only can keep the ball and control control? Line of scrimmage with him and their and their offense lying but the other thing it does keeps. Aj Brown Derrick Henry off the field. So that's one the other one is ankle Harry and kill Harry was the first round pick. He he started off the year. I are he really reminded me coming out of Anquan Boldin Anthony. He can make plays and contest catches so against a very physical Tennessee Secondary. Sorry I let's see if he can make a plea to because I promise you Mike Variables can do what pride flurries and the Dolphins did from Waco. They're double element. They're gonNA take him out of the game so somebody's going to have to step up on the outside so could be dorset but in my mind the one guy that could really make place for them is going to be ankle. Harry so look for Ankle Harry. Let's see if they go to that to back running package early in the game and to me. Those are some of the initial keys to the game. All right. So that's my Tanenbaum. Who just dipped his toe in the water? A little bit and says you know what I'm not. I'm not gonNA go swimming today. I'M GONNA go right back to the beach on semi chair. Everything's GonNa be good. I'm going to not only might own the water. I'm GonNa dive in and you know what Mike there might be that shark that Patriots Shark. That's out there for me. It's GonNa eat me whole but I I'm willing to say that the Patriots. I'm not saying the dynasties over but this patriots offense is different. It's different. They might get past the titans not a great match for them as Bobby Carpenter told us before and you just broke down but when I watched this team last last week wasn't a one week aberration. We have seen this often struggle now for months. The last time I thought the offense the for the Patriots agents looked really good was all the way back probably week two against the dolphins or or or week three the jets and the Dolphin game they end and they had Antonio Brown. I think teams as you noted Can Double Julian Edelman. WHO's banged up? He's got a shoulder injury in knee-injury and there's really nobody else there that that can beat them. Now maybe to your point Mike Carey will have a big postseason and he'll make me and others look stupid but I don't think that running game as consistent as it has been brady is is not clearly clicking with his receivers not named Julia Doman and for as good as that defense and special teams are and they have one games for that. A lot of games for the Patriots treats this year. I don't think they can do it against the best of the best in the AFC the loss of the chiefs this year. They lost the Texans this year and the number one team in the AFC Z.. They lost two in Baltimore so I'm willing to do it. Maybe maybe I'll look like a fool when it's all done. Mike won't be the first time but I don't think the Patriots are going to win multiple games this year with that offense well and again you know the other side of the ball is their defense is really good now. They didn't play as well L.. A. Late but they're still a lot to be said about that Patriot defense now again. I think it's a tougher match that they're playing Tennessee. I think from a New England perspective. They bashed up better against Buffalo. But that's just the way it works so I think you know barring something unforeseen with the weather I think this game's in the low twenties you you know a twenty four twenty one. Sort of game I think Tennessee though like you said they they match up well a and Ryan tannehill could also make plays with his feet so it should be Uh Great Environment and we could be potentially again. Potentially we could be looking at the last. Tom Brady game played in Foxborough. But I would be amazing but I. I do think there's enough smoke smoke in the air there. Were you consider there to be a flyer. That's Mike Tannenbaum former. NFL General Manager. Anthony Anthony Salter the Dan Le Batard show filling in for the guy's today. Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz brought to you by Shell. V POWER NITRO plus premium gasoline engineered with four levels of defense against gunk where corrosion and friction are Mike. which what about that? Tennessee New England matchup. We discussed the Minnesota New Orleans matchup briefly the one that I feel like we haven't touched at all outside of the Buffalo Houston. Game is the Seattle Philadelphia Alfie match up. Now that's the the late Sunday night game. I am not a Sunday night game. Excuse me Sunday afternoon. Four Forty PM eastern time is the kickoff in Philly. These are two severely verily banged up teams. You got the eagles decimated offensively seahawks similar big time injuries at running back. Although they did bring back marshawn Lynch who played what ten fifteen snaps a heard a week ago in that loss to the forty niners. They got Russell Wilson yet. No Not Wayne Brown. They're left tackle when you look at Seattle going to Philly. Is there a certain matchup or certain mismatch that you like about that one on Sunday the afternoon. Yeah Yeah you philly look how resilient. They've been to to go when the Games he did it and most notably to me. Anthony was not having Zach Ertz Erz against the giants. The they've just been absolutely decimated at the skill players to Sean Jackson L.. Sean Jeffrey again. Not Having Erz Jordan Howard. Just on and on and on while was Darren sproles it just. It's amazing that they lose Barrett Brooks. WHO's a really good guard I I think this game's could be won or lost up front and You know. JV CLOUDY IS GONNA have to step up for the SEAHAWKS and Kinsey make some place. That's what what they brought. I'm in for his. You know this type of road playoff game I think if Philadelphia could defy Pass protect Carson Wentz. They'll have a good chance because other players have stopped opt for them Most guys like Greg Robinson who two years ago was at University of Houston has a quarterback so it's You gotTa Give Phillies so much credit for their resiliency. Now with that said Seattle is as mentally tough as anybody and they signed marshawn Lynch and Robert Term Turban on short notice and it would also up there for him to get Bistro to get the game winning touchdown the other day and then they had the unfortunately The delay a game and then he took him off the field but Seattle Adult GonNa have to score points because my opinion The Way Philadelphia despite losing all those weapons has been affected offense. I think Philly will be a move on Seattle title. He and outside of the Brandon Brooks injury. The Eagles have dealt with the injuries now for the past month and they want to big ones including the game against the cowboys in week. Sixteen and of course the game that got him in which was last week against the Chinese. Excuse me as my voice goes out. That's Mike Tannenbaum result filling in for Dan Literature. And the guys here on the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz. ESPN radio the SPN APP. SIRIUSXM channel eighty. Why has the decision about Jason Garrett? Why.

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