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On KCRW I'm Madeline brand we've all had dreams that have felt a little too familiar but what if those dreams become so frequent that we can no longer distinguish between them and reality that's the premise of the new film horse girl you can see the same people over and over again and like these strange places I've never been before in I don't know how to describe it it just feels really weird like really scary it stars Alison brie she also co wrote and produced the film with director Jeff Baena and they are both with me in the studio now welcome Hey Hey well first of all what's a horse girl I'm a girl who rides horses and is into horses people often think that I'm a horse girl I did not grow up riding horses why do people think you are I don't know I have associated it with my great posture I do have the parts here thank you well I just kind of sat up straighter as I was saying that I don't know this is a really good early acting class I was made right after college I was made to we were all made to walk into the room and introduce ourselves and then turn around with our back to class and everybody would shout out their first impressions of you and the first thing that someone said about me as rides horses I was like thank you thank you really in a bad direction it was a horrible exercise really can potentially traumatizing yeah I looked out with ride horses that was like a pretty nice thing to say and you didn't know it was stuff horse girls yeah no actually I think I will I will meet you told her you are as a drug stores girl notice the or so I was saying that I would like to do a movie that was investigating this or for school phenomenon and then she said that people have accused her of being a horse from the past not not accuse such an intense worry well what is the horse girl phenomenon and why did you want to explore it I think there's like sort of it's it's now serve a meme but I think growing up there was always a girl or two and your high school junior high school who somehow had access to horses would write them didn't sort of seem as engaged in anything but the horses at the time they're always cool but they just seems like you know they were doing the worst thing and then that just seems to me like something that was worth investigating and it was definitely a girlfriend guy thing source I mean I'm taking him a horse boy you are you've written might die right in front of horses so tell me about the character Sarah the horse girl yes is will sear is sort of a former horse girl who still clinging to her horse girl you with she is a bit socially isolated I think that that is something that we took from the horse girl stigma out was like when I think of course grows from middle school and high school a had their own thing going on and they kind of didn't care what other people thought about them and in serious cases we've taken that to sort of a larger degree in that now later in her adult life she has isolated herself through these sign of series of hobbies that she does alone and she's perfectly content to do those and not have other people really be involved and that now has become a choice that she's making there's a great scene when Debby Ryan who plays my roommate first comes in and is saying you know my boyfriend's roommate is single by could introduce you and Serra is very indifference to it when you might think meeting her in the movie she could use a boyfriend well she seems a little lonely but she's actually not she really likes her natural shows and her craft that she does yeah she likes her life the way it is so she's likable specs you like I hope so I think what is your friends what does she have a boyfriend and then some guys interested in her so she does actually get together with her roommates boyfriend's yes roommate roommates boyfriend's roommate yeah a friend's may ask about Serena played by John Reynolds and that's a very sweet I love the romantic storyline in this movie even if it turns out a little tragic hello we have a clip we have a scene from I guess it's their first date yeah where they're having dinner and she figures out that he's into this paranormal stuff that she's really into big fight lock ness monster folklore come from somewhere so at some point someone's hi exactly the site and then they knew that the aliens were using.

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