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So drew bunch of hearts and flowers lipsticks on his chest beforehand. Literally right before he's about to go up. The dude in front of them dropped his shorts and started doing some sort of Marilyn Manson impression. My axe lucked out and managed to public embarrassed themselves and all of a sudden having a relatively good time. The movie was awful. But there was a Cuban after with Robert Englund, Ken cruiser, cursing or played Jason and that movie believe so okay. And later once the DVD was released are you do uh pleasantly surprised that I showed up on the extras part of camp hack and slash finally vindication. Putting put Natick cool news on DVD eighty fucking practically finance it movie. My friend came there are movies out there where I geared to the Harry Knowles. Did a commentary force there are anyway, you probably someone this house right now, there's probably some I have Freddie versus Jason on DVD. Well, we'll go we should check out. And see Sam from San Antonio. Anyway, he goes have any stories about special movie events that went off the rails Q of the work, and they promise not to do the same shit. I was eighteen that I that. I did when I was eighteen when now that I'm thirty four same from San Antonio. Screenings that went off the rails. Why I've never been to like event cinemas this because I don't care. Yeah. Like a lot of this. I went to I had to cover Comecon once and they did a lot of this kind of shit. They're like, and And then then they they would. would test. Yes, you're shit me. I don't know. Kevin did you participate? I did. I mean, I waited it me. He shipped me. I shift. You. All right going like, you would watch like you would get to like hit like foam, Rick and mortars and the first episode of the next season to that sounds off the rails comic cons where it's at. I'm just not a fan of this like immersive brand thing. I don't care what any of. I don't want to participate. I will watch. I'm not participate. Yeah. No way. I enjoy bar trivia, that's. That's. Come got treats for me. Maybe. Stuff ever been like a dress up a cause play person. Again. It's all totally find enjoy that stuff. Just never been my scene now. Yeah. Halloween is the time for costumes how I live in this in this story. We revealed are bias and our old age. Ranks a penis was brandished. And then they are shared out elderly fuck and Robert England give acute today. How fucking sad. Hey saw that dick back there the wet t-shirt contest. Why did that get shut down? Again. Shaw talented young man up there. Kruger. You want these strict tickets or what? But a button up about that t-shirt contests far as you're concerned it never happened and get some of those hot dogs. They. You gotta have dog you share with data, right? He both eating a hot dog and kissing. Lady on the trip that goes, and that is the Tober mailbag. Thank you for scaring, the pants office with these emails how about some food related stuff. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Family family friendly, Eric Cisco, family friendly comedian. We want the family friendly. Exactly less less pukes shits for next month to I mean, because you're saying food it's all going to be. I don't wanna hear nothing about no diarrhea dill next month. Andrew Joop even say Chris cabin perks. Take it easy. We all. One good scare. Time to keep. Teaching one too many. Don't you blame the movies create Lous movies make cycles? That was a hit podcast.

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