Charleston West Virginia, Senator Gotch, Two Years discussed on MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval


I and and i don't i've been cautious about this too because and i want to repeat this that we'd be the first one squealing if money was wasted or if i built so so there there is that important caveat too but also when you have something like that when you have a disaster when you have what we had and still having we'll have for years sometimes you got to kick some ass and take some names and build some stuff beep yet the answer is exactly right and it is just this is their programs all let them explain it but i don't know who thought of the idea of having rise had their main headquarters in charleston west virginia when the flood didn't occur here i would have moved them in the the flood area that at least they have to face people every day you know they're they're they don't talk to people now you know i was i sent a pretty stern letter to them about a week ago or two state i still haven't heard directly back from that letter if we're so wrong in the criticisms of senator gotch is is out of bounds and and speaker of the house tim armstead which they are not then why doesn't rise come in and say listen you don't know what you're talking about we've done we've done a splendid job absolutely nothing now i know things take time and i know there's federal requirements in the alphabet legitimate concern and i think again we've been probing on this i think there were have concerns about the contract and how much you're gonna pay for it and so i i do get all that but come on two years.

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