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EPA genetic information which is the study of DNA expression and the bodies incredible ability to express or repress helpful or detrimental genes as well as prevent he'll and even reverse certain illnesses. She's a fascinating background. She was an IBM engineer for a decade decade and then her challenging experience traditional medicine motivated her to search for her own health answers. She left engineering to attend the University of Texas Medical School in his now board. Certified in internal medicine and a certified functional medicine physician with a practice in Austin Texas. If you live there I cannot recommend her highly enough. Gosh she's the author of two books in his currently working on her third. And I know that you're GonNa love this episode we go really deep on mold exposure micro-toxins and what you need to know to make sure that you don't have any underlying problems in your home that you're not aware of doctorship you welcome. Thanks for being here so excited to be here. I am so excited to chat with you. Because as you are an expert on many many things but I know that you both have personal experience and expertise in an area. I get a lot of questions about and I want to jump into today. which is mold mycotoxin mycotoxin exposure? And I know that you have a story a personal story and I would love to start there because I think this is a growing awareness about this and people are realizing they might have a problem. But but there's also probably a lot of us who don't even realize we have a problem but we might so. Can you start with a personal story. Yes I was Already practicing sync functional medicine. You know where you're where I'm looking for the root cause of illness and I had gone to a conference on micro-toxins about a year before but I didn't know what was happening to me so I was getting sicker and sicker. I had gotten to the point where I would draw a glass. If it was full of water is a a bright arm was so weak. I couldn't even grasp it fully. My hair was falling out all over the bathroom. I had so much pain in my body that I didn't want my kids to hug me hurt so badly and I I couldn't wear my heels anymore because my right foot hurt so much and and I was really getting scared I I was starting to wonder if.

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