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That it would take passion we all knew that it would take persistence last wednesday at eight fifteen in evening i received an email from the daughter of sherry domingo's who was murdered in southern california her name is debbie she was fifteen at the time last wednesday she emailed in essence paraphrasing hi anne marie i thought the editing for the recent documentary was brilliant she quoted from the show quote this case will be solved because of sheer persistence she went on to say i have those words posted in a few places in my home and my workplace so i can see them at various times throughout the day thank you for that persistence i have faith we all knew as part of this team that we were looking for a needle in a haystack but we also all knew that the needle was there in the last six days and i emphasize the last six days that passion that persistence and the knowledge finally came to an answer in this building behind us here far crime lab crime lab employee's dna analysts who worked tirelessly in the last few days to provide that answer yesterday in arrest warrant was issued a complaint was filed charging that individual with two counts of murder with special circumstances for the murder of ryan and katie matt jewelry here in sacramento in february nineteen seventy eight it is fitting that today is national dna we found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in sacramento and with that i would like to introduce our sheriff scott jones did you ten eastern bear men were carrying live conference regarding the cold golden state killer i'd like to make just a couple of preliminary comments when i became sheriff from sacramento in two thousand and ten there were very few outstanding cases that drew the passion and the interest and the dog and determination to solve as east area the sheriff that took over from sheriff john mcguinness who's here with us today told me about the importance of it i don't know that i fully appreciated at that time but i can tell you without exception weekly sometimes more i get telephone calls or emails to this day from former employees former detectives community members from all over this country that believe that they know or at least have some information on who the east area rapist was committed then to do everything i.

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