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Report, I Matt Reese, breaking now, the US attorney for the southern district of Ohio plans, a news conference to outline charges against a priest associated with the archdiocese of Cincinnati US attorney Benjamin Glassman. It's going to be meeting with reporters at eleven o'clock this morning to announce details the priest is reportedly seventy seven year old Kenneth Hendrix, who is accused of sexually assaulting boys in the Philippines. Hendrix is reportedly assigned to do missionary work for the archdiocese and has been in the Philippines for the past thirty seven years, the sex abuse scandal is forcing USA gymnastics into bankruptcy. There have been more than one hundred lawsuits since Dr Larry Nassar was caught sexually abusing gymnasts. And sent to prison for the rest of his life. Now, the latest traffic and weather together on the UC health traffic center, the UC healthy ear nose and throat program at UC medical center has been nationally ranked for five consecutive years by the US news and World Report. Big problem right now, look at it eastbound SU seventy five just past the Carol cropper bridge, crews out looks like they just opened another land only one lane open for a while there. They have two lanes open. But traffic a little bit slow by a behind that. As you make your way from Indiana into Kentucky. So watch out for that. Seventy-one also a little bit crowded as you head northbound that Reckitt red Bank moved off to the right shoulder. Still slow back to Dana south seventy-one crowded through Kenwood down toward red Bank, south seventy five slow union center boulevard. Glendale Milford, north seventy five in Kentucky, still pretty solid. Pretty good crowd from buttermilk pike to the brand beds. Jason Erhard on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w..

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