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To reach out anyway. I would absolutely donate that hundred. Eighty five thousand dollars back to that community after watching those specials especially the Netflix's one which was so good. The Fire Festival netflix special. If you didn't watch it highly recommend it I would put it back into that town because that fake festival ravished their land and it's the least that she could do and she doesn't need that money. That's chump change anyway. That's just me though. All right wrapping up this week's news of course a southern charm because these mojo foes can't seem to stay out of the News Catherine. Dennis made instagram story. Post saying that she was going to formally address the Monkey emoji scandal and to stay tuned for that in the very lengthy statement she also said Oh. And if you don't know what scandal I'm talking about. You may need to go back and listen to last week's episode it's intense. It is in tense. It goes pretty deep or you could read my story that I wrote. Just go to on this day. Entertainment DOT COM and the articles called southern charms. Catherine Dennis Stays silent after Monkey emoji scandal. I give the backstory in there too. Anyway Catherine's statement said quote. I've been quiet since all this started and told not to post anything but I can't stand it anymore. Y'All have to know that this whole thing has been blown out of context. I'm freaking heartbroken and so depressed because the way I'm being portrayed is totally not true. I use that Emoji all the time because it looked silly an awkward and that's my baseline the account was anonymous and I didn't even know who I was messaging and now I'm being labeled all this crazy stuff and it's just not true so that was Katherine said. This was probably like close to a week ago now. She still has not made a formal statement even though she explicitly said to hold off because she was going to make a statement about the whole thing. So in the meantime I was watching. My girls snarky from the instagram page. A beautiful snarky mass. She had posted one of her followers had sent her some evidence. Some receipts of Catherine using the Monkey Emoji from like twenty sixteen and beyond in just regular conversations. So looking at that. It wasn't one time it was multiple times so shout out to my girl. Snarky is one of my favorite instagram follows. She gets all the dirt. So if you're not already following a beautiful snarky mess with underscores between each word. You need to snarky rocks. That does it for this week's on this day. Entertainment News head on over to on this day. Entertainment Dot Com to read the full articles for this piping hot.

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