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The texas winds the game outright by the long warns keep this within seventy point something of that nature saw take them neither have given texas all grew demag okay so let's recap i'm taking georgia tech plus six and a half over miami and digging oliver and laying the seven and a half against lsu and i'll take texas plus the nine in the big rivalry the red river rivalry against oklahoma right texas forced the nod for me miami lay in the six and a half in phnom take it all burn laying b seven and a half let's get to our now some tweets of the we were doing of let's go tweets three juiced funniest and most insightful thoughts of the week this needs of the watterson the injury tweeted out i can't surgery sugarcoated i am devastated all i want to do is be out there on the field for my teammates in this city i'm sorry to shave and then the guy's been so injuryprone through his career have such a transcendent player reaction to the yankees lds victory over the indians clint frazier let's do this has to chase to 28 todd frazier that's how it's done yankee baseball we've played till the end let's go jordan montgomery was keep rolling billy crystal force amazing comebacks so happy for all my friends with the yankees grigory is hashtag start spreading the news yankees win this team great job by the bullpen what a game just the beginning of summer the great carlos santana heart herds wish we could have done more for you cleveland we gave it our own i like some of the emojis here the dnc using why did you great job by and then santa claus well what was that i don't know why is the santa claus about you can be using the santa claus emoji outside of the month of december i feel like is fun i dunno i don't was sent a close emoji was used reaction the cubs in ods victory over the match john lester hats off to the nationals on an incredible series let's hope we can keep the momentum going in la hashtag and vr qte what does that mean never quit claim you moron gallison russell likes big moments he's a with her and what a job by we davis has to exhibit out save legendary game has.

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