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Knife newbies and knife junkies to learn all about knives and knife collecting here from knife designers makers manufacturers knife reviewers anybody who loves knives you are in the right place and you are especially in the right place for. Clap TIME PARTY CELEBRATION. Woohoo episode number one hundred of the PODCAST has right ladies and Gentlemen episode One Hundred One Hundred Jim. I don't think I've done one hundred of anything. I've had one hundred consecutive lunches. That's that's never meal but no yeah. This you know something like this. It's it's it's tough to be consistent. It is but Meant this past year and change has been awesome. I've had an opportunity to talk with knife. Heroes and just people have always wanted to meet people. I've been watching on Youtube. People whose lives have been buying and or or just drooling over are wanting to buy. Yeah wanting to buy The the funny thing is I don't know if I set this up subconsciously as justification for future purchases but it seems everyone. I talked to On the podcast after I hang up with him and the interviews done. I'm like manic. GotTa get one of their knives. I gotTA figure out how to get one of their and I would say maybe I've made that come to pass. Maybe fifty percent of the time road right. Well the little tip then for knife makers out there. If you haven't yet been on the pont cash you may WanNa get on if you want to sell the Nashville here but yeah. The podcast started November fifth two thousand eighteen. It used to be weekly We were You were interviewing a knife makers reviewers manufacturers all that and there was just so much information to try to get into the to the our show. We typically try to keep it at an hour There was other things you want to get into so we added the mid week supplement. Yeah well it's very generous the way you say there's so much information of Never. I think really what it is and it comes down to a verb. We've used a lot. Here is bloviating to bloviate ten To talk at length about subject and You know sometimes you just like to get going about that new life you have coming in or You know I like to rattle off the knife drops as I see them on knife news in life magazine and those were not really fitting in well with the interview show. I have a feeling just as a podcast consumer myself that when I when I'm tuning in to hear an interview with say Ernest Emerson. I don't want to hear Bob DeMarco talking about his new knife. I just want hear about Ernest I wanNA hear Ernest Emerson in his own words so So we broke it out into that supplemental show that we put out on Wednesdays and the thing I love about that show his that. It's totally free form some days. It's just NYPD drops other days. We do a first tool. You know where where I talk about the history of a certain desired or something. And that's just a an investigation. I I know academic let me put it that way. It's just out of personal interest. I I kind of look like the Chris. Recently you know Cold Steel has come out with two fold increases and that's an unusual blade in the difficult one to make probably difficult to mass produce and it. It made me interested in what the actual history was of it. I had a few facts kind of rattling loosely around the brain about it looked into it and then got a first to a lot of it. So I I like those I like the supplemental because it's just an opportunity to sort of free form Talk about knives like I just did right. Sixty seconds well and you know it was kind of an experiment and you know. I think we're both pleasantly pleased and surprised by the the number of listeners. That the the mid week show gets and the folks like it you know. I almost equally as much as the interview show so I you know we will continue doing the mid week and always welcome of course feedback suggestions. Things that people would like to see but good opportunity to Do some extra knife talking which I know you and The more folks in the knife world that I've come to know Enjoy talking about knives and it's not just to hear themselves talk. It's to really talk about the knives. Yeah Yeah it's it's true you know you get enthusiasts about anything together and you know you can talk about aside kick all night with a bunch of martial arts guys. You know not get bored. Well we teased it last week. I think episode number one hundred. We're going to have a special announcement or maybe two or three or whatever would what we would just see what Kinda came about and we do have a couple of special announcements as well as a special guest on this. Show that will Will keep that guest Silent for the moment but We'll we'll tease a couple of the other special things that Bob is put together for a special episode number one hundred of the knife junkie podcast and one of those special things they were doing to celebrate is a knife giveaway up. Yes indeed you know I wanted to give away a knife to celebrate this hundred th episode and I was racking my brain. There are a lot of obviously great knives out there a lot of ones that. I love and a lot of people I've interviewed on this show that I'd love to. I'd love to give away a Medford or an emerson. That's not going to happen. However if you were big-leage however I am going to give away a nice that has a special meaning to me in if people have been You know listening or watching the videos over the past couple of years. You know that I'm a big fan of the cold. Steel Broken Skull. It is a very thin very capable Nicely sized clip point blade and it is now discontinued But it's got all of the strength of the trial had locked in a very super slender package. As I've mentioned Ad Nauseam here I keep one in my waistband kind of all the time and you know what I'm wearing clothes pants that is l. I can't get that visual out of my head without pants with a knife. I mean you know. Not In jammies or sweatpants and and and it's got to have a snag tooth. Mfl It so. I'm going to give away a broken steel broken us cold steel broken skull with the snuggle tooth M. F. on it For this hundred giveaway. It will not be a pink. Cold Steel Broken Skull. Now I was GONNA say you're not giving away your pink. When are you know not my pink as people know you know? I'm I'm a big fan of that knife for its cognitive dissonance. And I I have to say like pink next to black. It's it has to do with having daughters I think but So I like that knife end. Rob Pinot from snuggle tooth. Sent me a Sent me a pink Snag Them F so I mean my setup is awesome but I'm not gonNa make someone else carry pink just because I like pink so I'm going to send its Od Green Broken Skull And it will have a snuggle tooth M. F. on it okay. So now while I was GONNA ASK. How can folks enter to win? Or how can they get a chance to win this? Well all you have to do because I don't have a complex mind for this kind of contest we're GONNA make it simple I have to do is email me Bob at the knife junkie dot com and in the subject line right episode one hundred that we know and And then you can write me a nice little message or not but your email will be put Will be put in a bin in order and then that will be fed into a random number generator in one week. So all they have to do is get that into me by midnight That's at a Saturday April eleventh at midnight. Bob at the night. Junkie DOT COM Episode one hundred in the subject line. You'll be put in order and in a number generator. And whoever that look personnel will be announced on the show and I will be sending a broken skull out to you and You know So far postage is still working. Fine so I'll send it with a with a little wipe in it for you. Don't make promises you can't keep up. Wipes are hard to come by. I think that's good etiquette in this day and age. You know you sent to someone you put a little alcohol. Wipe so that can be they can open it up and be sure that Yeah we're we're Particular at least my wife is particular around the House. Now ever we get the ups packages those things coming in. You know we can't set it on the kitchen table like we used to have the foyer table. That's where we said all the packages and you know put gloves on. Open it and like you know. Are we really getting too paranoid about this? I you know I don't think so but sometimes I wonder if we are. I don't know well it's because this whole situation is so surreal. It's like sometimes like. Is this really happening? I have those moments But you know you have those moments when you have weird things going.

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