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And if you ever heard of him world's fastest Isreaeli. Okay. So specter, his his thing called the spectre rocket on that. Sounds like something. Yeah, it's it's Specter's s. p. e. r. r. e. yes. Spectra rod rocket could do an image search spectra rocket is okay. Then maybe it's Specter's felt the right way. Okay, screwed this up. I'm sorry. You fucked up this video game shit, shoot. Okay, so do that. And do like Bonneville yeah, we find God damn what is happening all his fucking video game. Arben idea. I don't know. We may be out of out of out of luck for image searches. Do do specter, land speed. Land speed fed. Maybe it's not spectrum losing. That's here. It is. Yeah, holy shit, look at. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. That was actually my give me one second. I make I make the picture for you. Yeah, but that walk me, that's fine. Okay, great. So first off, I love the six by six pushing this thing that wasn't there when I did it must have gone back, so. Okay. So looking at as missile big black paint, it's a missile. An actual missile to missile. Yeah, literally missile. It really is a missile. It was literally they missile and wheels on it. Yeah, and a cockpit and stuff. So it's actually has four wheels, but the front wheels are in line. Okay. A lot of the land speed guys do that because the rule that has four wheels, you have to configure them. Yeah. And then if you could see the wheels earned saying they're solid, they've no spokes and they're just like they're probably like thirty inch wheels. Let me see if I can get more. Oh, here we go. Here's a better. Fuck look at this thing. Yeah. That's great. That's great. You can see you can see the chassis. Hang up. Yeah, I make it a better for you. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. Okay. Yeah. Wow. That's his Virginia hill climb car that he went, oh, the wonder, nineteen miles an hour in or something. Well, absolutely not during the fucking hill. I think what set the record? Three minutes nineteen seconds. An-and he went to ninety miles an hour on fucking Virginia, three forty one. He might. Oh, well, he anyway, whatever happened. He set the record at three minutes nineteen seconds. I didn't. I did three. Forty something and the CSV. Thaddeus was there yesterday? Yeah, I would like to do maybe the focus. I, if I could do it, I honestly say just like, do it yourself. Don't don't don't do with the event, make it a gig don't make don't don't do with the event. Just have the cops shut the road. Oh anyways. So this frigging thing you're looking at first of all, you're talking about the ice water. So this thing just had a box because it's so fast liquefied the ice. So they they had. They had an orange cone in a broom, invert the orange cone and just pour bags of ice into this box and stuff it down with a broom. So it's just a block of ice basically. Exactly. Just melt. So anyways, in one direction, he went four hundred fifteen. So it's a hundred seventy two Cadillac. Five hundred cubic inch v eight. Oh shit. Really the first ten. He'll driven car. Yeah. Wow, gasoline. So he was trying to set the fastest gasoline-powered so not methanol. You know. So anyways, it was a five hundred punched out to five sixty with two ninety millimeter turbos made eighteen hundred horsepower avow came off, went through the turbo lunch, that engine completely..

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