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Wasn't through red Joan flex. There's a guy walking. He's where he looks comfortable Viking as Rockin a bunch of for is Mike Zimmer in this. It's funny feathered props. Okay. So he's got a torch. Hank is this this is problematic. This really does look torches could be a playoff like hype video. When did the boobs and wolves come in is this Khalidi? Now, it is clearly in this is she dead. What's Kalisa died? No, no. Please the blonde and just meeting in in what looks like a subway tunnel. I mean, I'm being honest here. They're also wearing for which is problematic. I can't tell how are those torches burning. So brightly lock accelerate on their PF t they see themselves in these Klay mations went out. Okay. So. So I see that the feather got frost that means. Winter's a winter's coming. I know that because it's January those the white walkers. I don't see color. Please. And. Now when now touchable homes comes out and be like, we got this Kansas City. Now, I get it. I get it. Now, hank. I'm a big fan or the throne. I learned nothing from that entire one and a half minutes. No, I'm excited. Oh my God. I'm excited. What tell us what happened in that? The names of the people know, you you got it. You nailed it. What was the names of the people in that? Jon snow. Aria John was known. So wait, Jon snow is the younger guy right to the guy. He's the guy the guy that with which to girl which one of his sisters did Jon snow. Neither khalidi. They're only half sisters. He's a bastard. Okay. Come on, man. But bass. Why why the dad couldn't you know, be around for the family killed? Yeah. Probably know his dad is actually the last dragon where his father was but people don't know that that's his dad. He doesn't even know who's owned dad is. So it's just Star Wars. We'd Star Wars was dead is drought. So they just read it. So he's not park dragon. He is he just doesn't know it. What do you mean? How do you not know like he's just flying? And he's like this is weird. Is he shed every now? And then like why falling? Yeah. He like burps and burns down his house. Fuck I hate it. When that happens shit. Not again the fire alarm going off. Okay. So game of thrones back you're going to watch it. Okay. Right. After we finished with liberty. Big brother. I really do to watch game of thrones. You so many hours? How do I do that start starting season three? And I watched like double speed to start and season three. I'm telling you wait really season. Three new went backwards, though. No four five six three four five six seven one two. And then now I'm on three four five six finish. Yes. See so hot in endless game thrones loop. This is what happens to people like you, Hank. You all you game of thrones stands out there. Damn. You're never gonna stop watching game of thrones. Until Stover imagine being the person at your office water that didn't know that. You were a dragon. Oh, man. Angie and Angie took the chargers. Oh god. Okay. All right. I you know, what I'm gonna do. Yeah. I wanna get t- Maxhutte, Tracy McGrady like like a two thousand three you know, it's like January fourteenth, right? I've got a problem. I already spent a lot of money on suits today. Let's do our interview with coach Eric Mangini. So before we do that a quick word from actually an awesome sponsor, a new sponsor. We sat on these couches during the electric chair borough. So part of my taste.

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