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We are going to be mentioning IndyCar for the next few minutes at least anyway here on the show because he was the grand prix of Saint Pete. Saint petersburg. Yes. The the annual starts to the calendar, which is a usually short calendar. Terms of competitive all the championships like Formula one. Anyway, just could we like formula incorr- from lundi Cal? That's right. Hi. But yeah, the it's been that long to be honest. They season ended in twenty eight I think at the end of September. So. Literally hoffy air almost pretty much. But yeah, IndyCar hop into the weekends com. Jackson. Did you manage to follow any of the IndyCar action? I did it was a fascinating race. I'll see for anyone that is attempt to watch the race in the UK. There was a small. Stuff foot. So yeah, it was small Cussing coverage. But I think we got the gist of what happens towards the end of the race. So you know, it was a fascinating encounter it to the and it very much came down to Penske versus Chip Ganassi for the win. Both of their drivers really really impressing yesterday. But it was Joseph new garden who took the win. Ultimately, it was new gardens eleventh win in his IndyCar career. Obviously the twenty seventeen champion is looking to regain his title loss losing it last year, and it will be interesting to see whether he could keep going to the season new Goss himself, though, wasn't the quickest on Saturday. He was he did lose out to willpower. You took the pole position, and we'll did shoot away from the line with rookie Felix Rosenquist following him in second for much of the early stage. And it was the impr-. Impressive showing from Rosenquist in his first ever IndyCar race the really stood out from the crowd overseas. Rosenquist himself being a experienced driver of not just for me three championships, but is gone on has raised formula. Re. He's raced in the. I think did one DTM race. He has a multitude of regular. That I just cannot think of right now. I think he's done this. I. Rosenquist fines that can tell me where he's raced because I'm just having a mind blank right now. But the point being Rosenquist OC being a very talented driver. He was in contention for the lead for much to the early stages and even took the lead after the one of the restarts..

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