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Sat through four years of inaction this is the fiction to mayor I'm fixing to do this on fiction at the gates and came away I'm fixing to do an inward project you know this is for years it's time to have done something not be planning to do something more fixes the thanksgiving day dinner. that audio is courtesy of our TV partner channel to corruption crime and flood control issues were also the dominant themes of the night a San Antonio lawmaker getting an early start on the twenty twenty one Texas legislative session democratic state rep will include here is already lobbying for an effort to legalize recreational marijuana Houston Texas several marijuana bills field earlier this year and that's why he's floating his measure now so supporters can make their voices heard manufacturer distributor retailer so that we can tax appropriately good year is says only Texas grown marijuana would be sold in the state he's as money from cannabis taxes could go to border security law enforcement and the foundation school program a thirteen year old girl was airlifted to memorial Hermann hospital after being injured in a hit and run on Ella Boulevard in north Harris County the teen and her brother were returning home from a convenience store when she was hit by a dark colored convertible with tinted windows deputies say the victim was thrown some forty feet by the impact of the driver took off no word yet on the team's condition protesters say a former Dallas police officer were killed a man in the victim's own apartment is getting a light sentence amber Geiger was sentenced to ten years in prison after being convicted of murder in the shooting death of balsam John Geiger claim that she mistakenly walked into the wrong apartment thinking it was our own others say the Geiger wouldn't even face the upgraded charge of murder had it not been for the protesters. six oh six it Katie our rage are you planning to see that new joker movie this weekend to perhaps the final installment of Rambo don't trust those online reviews when making your plans especially if the contributors are anonymous Joshua Starnes it vital thrills dot coms as many reviews are just bought and paid for for a movie attentively see a bunch of those being fake there was a story last year about how one of the Star Wars movies had thirty three million user reviews which is the many many many times larger than anyone in any other movie on the site stern says only trust reviews from name junos so that you can research and read their past reviews this goes for everything including the stuff that you buy on Amazon personally I can't wait to see walking Phoenix who plays such a great bad guy playing the joker. and here I have to admit this is the favorite story of the day in an apparent bid to get himself beaten up by sports fans on both ends of I forty five of Baytown man has created a cap that honors both the Astros and the cowboys. directly Gonzales he's the owner of Baytown hat company he designed a hybrid logo where the left half of the star is patterned after the cowboys Bluestar the right half has the Astros eight star and despite all the unkind words on social media by the way I have to give credit to Lyndon Joslin for that great line about getting beaten up on both ends of forty five good solid says the first supplier caps is already sold out so what we did was we posted a link online so you can actually see the cap you would place a pre order for the next shipment of your predisposed to do sell that's all it Katie are H. dot com meantime the Houston Astros the right side of that cap they're going to be meeting Tampa in the American League division series which gets underway tomorrow afternoon at minute maid the rays beat the ace five to one of the one game wild card playoff last night Justin Verlander getting the game one start we don't have to face uncle Charlie either no we don't stop to start probably until game three we might see uncle Charlie in Tampa themselves you can catch all your after his action on sports talk seven ninety for sure a friar I'm John labors on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. I. linking live near Sharjah reliable KTRE traffic and weather.

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