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Noticed are no women now on on tv. A longtime ago one ono. You didn't a long time ago. When i was a kid. I used to watch short attention span theater and there were more women on there so i got to see ellen and i got to see roseanne and i got to see brett butler paula. Poundstone pignataro actually even though she wasn't nearly as famous as she is now etc and so forth. But i yeah it does mean that more men have been podcasting longer. It means that. I still think that like we default to that for comedy. Like if you look at the comedies that are even on major networks. They're still about dudes mostly white nudes. Like even blackish is about dude. It's about a dude and his family but it's mostly anthony. I forget his last name. But you know what. I'm talking about cutie pie with. Who's married to donna. Summer's daughter. I get that and i understand that. But that's a that's a cultural thing absolutely. I think that also everything else supports that. Meaning that it's not necessarily because the talent is there or we always default to watching these This specific type of of a producer of a host or a comedian. But there's also the added layer of the marketing wing of whoever is so there's always going to be like should we you know here's mail famous comedian. He hears female famous comedian. They're going to tend to default towards giving more of a marketing. Push to the mail even if it's not necessarily something they're conscious about. I'm really challenging more or challenging myself the bias that we have that internal bias towards behaving one way or another when we get a piece of material right where we keep on pushing forward a specific thing and i absolutely agree. I think we default towards finding the least common obstacle towards consumption towards finding content and knowing that like sometimes with marketing teams or people promoting stuff. You kind of go to the same type of thing. What's the thing that's going to get..

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