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Land grant and for all practical purposes yosemite was our first national apart not yellowstone reuse your socie aid to the national parks with teddy roosevelt but interestingly gettysburg burg is national park a lot of people don't realize that and there's painful history seer i mean yosemite was created as a national park in and many people native people were displaced gettysburg know is a land of war you can still fill the ghost that that that were slain there but did you know that it's only been ten years leonard that the word slavery was even introduced into the the vocabulary of the interpretation it was all about strategy and generals and only now is that being spoken so in many ways our our national parks and evolving idea as we even of and you write about the myths in the that surround the national parks what are some of the myths will you you know one of my great mentors wallace cner wrote in the 1950s in our national parks our best idea and i wish she were alive i would love to have a conversation with him and say wali i would argue that they are an evolving idea and i think that's what makes them so powerful that you know we traditionally think of our national parks the big western parts granted time yellowstone yosemite grand canyon a glacier but i think what president obama has shown us in this last decade is that they aren't evolving idea so that we have our first black president who was a community organizer who and 2012 honored another community organizer cesar chavez and that becomes a national monument you have a place like stone law that honours the lgbt community that is a national monument you have harriet tubman you have birmingham and you have bears years led by the tribes so i think our national parks are evolving as we are there it's not just one story but many stories are the indigenous people being brought into the the story isn't glacier also example of how to manage parkin inc dejan his people there's a wonderful superintendent jeff now who sees this and is collaborating fully working with the black fit nation the story there is is.

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