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Wednesday. One person was rushed to a local hospital after an injury accident and south Wichita it happened just after three ten Monday afternoon at thirty first street south in McLean boulevard. That's at south Wichita near Watson park. One person was pinned the wreck and was reported not breathing that person was extricated from the vehicle and was transported to a local hospital in critical condition which police were on the hunt for one person who fled the scene of the accident. The intersection was blocked in all four directions for a while. After the rack, Rodney price, Cayenne s news. Everyone has been accounted for after a sailboat capsized on lake shawnee yesterday afternoon. Shawnee county sheriff's in shawnee heights. Fire officials responded to an area of shawnee lake near west edge road after receiving several nine one one call about the capsized boat, a witness to the events said, it was frightening. According to officials there were four people on board when the accident happened. Members of the shawnee county parks and wildlife helped raise the boat to shore. No one was hurt in the incident wins were heavy near the late Monday afternoon. But officials have not said what they believe caused the boat to tip over and web can assess news President Trump is putting Syria and its allies on notice President Trump with a warning late Monday to serious Bishara, El Assad and his allies in the region do not attack rebels in the country's problems. Warning that quote, hundreds of thousands could be killed the warning being welcomed by Israel. Michael oren? A deputy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling Fox News at night. Israel has always favored increased American leverage over the internal situation in Syria. The president's warning coming shortly after Iran's foreign minister said quote. Terrorists must be purged from the territory the last opposition stronghold in Syria. Sean liangelo, Fox, News Cayenne is has to use time. Now, seven four four minutes past seven o'clock..

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