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Of us from the country we notice yes. Thanks joe for the call tonight. I definitely appreciate you being out there. Thanks for the feedback and good luck with this first winter This show northern hampshire. I would feel so bad for him when people talk about. The northern hampshire is like winter. It's winter three months out of the year. They're nine months. Yeah more like. I'm thinking in a in the summertime when we go there. It gets cold at night in late. June summer summer. Northern new hampshire yet. They must have a day or two. Yeah yeah it's still don't want to get in that pool the yeah. I wouldn't wanna slim up in the northern new hampshire. I believe they even have a pool. The kids the kids wanted a good old time. The yeah i mean. It's it's one of these things where people believe that all of new england is somehow boston. And you know i. I rarely go to boston. Don't like going to boston. Don't want much to do with boston. Frankly i can. I can understand why they'd think that though because when you show up you see boston. Sports team memorabilia everywhere. Everybody's got th- like people that are around in about. They got their patriots sticker on their car. And they got a patriot toboggan on or whatever. Assume oser. Just the mass. That's before we moved up to new hampshire and there's nothing wrong with that so there are six six states in new england massachusetts. Connecticut and rhode island rhode island and connecticut or both basically pretty populated places named three states. I understand others. I'm getting to listen to you for a second then massachusetts which you know taxachusetts as we call it up here. It might as well be run by boston. Because being nasca -chusetts been gone for a little while and so i write it off as a populated states. And when you talk about vermont new hampshire and maine northern new. That's northern new england. There's not nearly as many people who live up there. So if you beat somebody from new england you're most likely going to meet somebody from southern. Nah yes that's right and therefore you're going to draw whatever conclusion you're going to draw a new england based on that but in fact vermont Before the hippies moved up in the seventy was a red state it was a red state new hampshire right now has a house senate and a governor who is all republican But they replaced a bunch of a leftist democrats that were elected in two thousand eighteen. We got democrats who guns. So it's interesting interesting play. it is and it does. Would you rate the fifty states in the united states new hampshire often comes out number one or certainly in the top two or three. Yeah and some charts right now where it's number one in somewhere. It's tied for one and number two right. And i think that it makes a good argument. I wish that it would adopt a few things in florida. That make florida competitive in florida habit of curiosity that it's getting read so high because i don't think of florida a free as it or conan things. I can't even say right now. I don't i what what does it look for has got. What can we bring to new hampshire that that we don't have currently well what they were rated so high for is the homestead exemption. That basically you have this that basic Okay so you buy a piece of property. The first twenty five in florida. This is what a homestead means which you can look it up. Generally it tore. I twenty five. Twenty five thousand dollars of your. The value of your home is exempt from taxation and land the That you're the value of your property. Taxes can go up no more than three percent per year. So if there's being land sp evaluation spike you. It won't go up that much and so you can sort of prepare for it. Also if you file bankruptcy they cannot take your home from you in a civil case does. That's why oh. Jason bought a place in west palm beach and dumped all of his money into like three million dollar home twenty years ago. Or whatever doesn't have something You know where the property new jersey has something like that. Now there's property homestead exemption but if that was true property taxes wouldn't be of much value so there's cops everywhere in florida man. When i went back when i went back to six years i went down to florida for the first time and i was shocked by how many cops every single stop light i was at i swear to you. There was a cop at one of the lanes and There was red light cameras everywhere down there as well. It's a total police state. There's working here six. Oh three two eight hundred sixty one sixty. We'll continue with marks plan coming up. Free talk live. Are you tired of governments. Murdering people around the world stop using their money. There is an alternative. Bitcoin is a stateless free market. 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You forgot to download our archive and you have no data connection. You can call our listen line at six four one seven nine three zero one ninety one. That's a long distance number so you may incur charges if not listen as long as you want six four one seven nine. Three zero one. Ninety-one the free talk live. Listen line six. Four one seven nine three zero one nine one having taken her father's role and circle who has fallen to one of our best allies. And her brother nathaniel philadelphia with reckless plan oracle thomas armed with new powers and new allies aims to remove sara from her throne and for the world of the living to survive and to gain the strings. She needs to find an impossible war. Sarah must unite the mound. Builder kings gwinnett an agent. Right that will propel her. Beyond mortality servant daughter mighty. Jay butler is the newest entry in the dragon award winning which he wore series from books at facebook dot com..

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