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The hidden virus of enticing evils and the happy appearance of smiling wickedness. And the tryst deception of hidden calamity. It is like a certain kind of poison when after sweetness has been spread in its lethal juices and its flavor medicated with cunning to deceive what is consumed seems an ordinary draft. But when the stuff has been swallowed, the destruction which has been drained creeps over you. Surely, you see that man who conspicuous by his rather brilliant clog seems to himself to be brilliant in purple. With what baseness he has bought this that he may be brilliant. What acts of contempt did he? I endure on the part of the hottie What proud gates as occurred cheer did he besiege early in the morning? How many insulting steps of arrogant men pressed into the throng of clients I proceed so that afterwards attendance in solemn array might precede him also with salutations submissive not to the man but to his power. For he has not merited to be cherished for his character, but for his Fassi's. Finally you may see the wretched exits of these men when the time serving synchophant has departed. When the deserting follower has defiled the side of him now a private citizen. Then the injuries of mutilated home strike, the conscience. Then, the losses of a bankrupted family estate are known by which the favor of the mob was bought, and the People's breath was sought with fleeting end empty entreaties. Surely a foolish and empty expense to have wished to make ready by the pleasure of a disappointing spectacle that which the people did not accept and the magistrate lost. But those also whom you consider rich as they add forest forest and extend the Infinite Boundless Countryside ever-wider excluding the poor from its limits and who possess the greatest heap of silver and gold and mighty sum of money either in sturdy ramparts or buried stores. These two fearful in the midst of riches are distraught by the anxiety of vague font. Lest the robber lay them waist. Lest the murderer at tank. Less the hostile envy of some wealthier neighbor disturb him with militias lawsuits. Neither food nor sleep is had in peace. He size at the banquet although he drinks from jewel the cup. And when the excessively soft couch hines his body innovated by feasting within its deep folds. He lies awake in the midst of the down. And the rich does not understand that these gilded things are his torments. That he is held bound by gold and is possessed by riches rather than possesses them. and Oh detestable blindness of minds and profound darkness of insane capacity when he can unburden himself and relieve him of his load, he continues to Brood still more over his troublesome fortunes. He continues to cling stubbornly to his punishing hordes. From, these there is no largesse for his dependence. There is no sharing with the needy. And they call it their money which they guard with solicitous care locked up at home as if it were another's out of which they impart nothing to friends, nothing to their children and in short nothing to themselves. They possess sent only for this purpose. That another may not possess it. How great is the diversity of names they call those things goods of which they make no use except for evil ends. Or. Do you think that even those are safe? That those at least are secure with firm stability midst chaplains of honor in great wealth, whom as they are resplendent with the splendor of a royal court a guard of vigilant arms surrounds. They have greater fear than others. He is forced to fear just as he's feared. subliminally exacts punishment in like measure of the more powerful. Although hedged in by a band of satellites, he guards his signed surrounded and protected by a numerous retinue. Just as he does not allow his subjects to be secure. So it is necessary that he also not be secure. Their own power terrifies the very ones who it advises to be the source of terror. It smiles that it may rage. It could. that it may deceive, it raises up that it may cast down. With a certain usery of mischief, the fuller sum total of dignity and honor the greater is the interest in punishments which is exacted. Therefore. There is one peaceful untrustworthy tranquility. One solid and firm security. If one withdraws from the whirlpools of a disturbing world and takes anchor in the harbor of the port of salvation. He raises his eyes from Earth to heaven and now admitted to the gift of God and being next to God in mind whatever to others seem sublime in great in human affairs. He boasts to lie beneath his consciousness. Nothing can he now seek from the world desire from the world who is greater than the world? How stable? How unshaken is that protection? How heavenly is that safeguard with its perennial blessings to be released from the snares of the entangling world to be purged of the dregs of earth for the light of immortals eighty. He would see what a crafty destruction on the part of attacking enemy formerly preceded against us. We are compelled to cherish more what we are to be when it is permitted us to know and to condemn what we were. Nor four this is their need of a price either in the way of bribery or Labor that man's highest dignity or power be achieved with elaborate effort. It is both a free and easy. Gift from gone. As, the sun radiates of its own accord. The Ray gives lined.

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