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Lake Michigan this morning authorities were called to the area around ten AM for reports of an unresponsive female of the water a bystander border routes and fire paramedics took over performing CPR now let's bring you the latest on hurricane Dorian which the National Weather Service says is a strong category two with maximum winds of a hundred and five miles per hour hurricane is triggering heavy rains in the hiring high winds on parts of north and South Carolina South Carolina governor Henry McMasters as emergency teams are now working to help get people out of the area storms hitting as I mention George town. and re candies horde then the men of the mandatory evacuation orders and everything else schools and so forth remain in effect the hurricane also appears to be spawning a number of tornadoes in Virginia and the Carolinas a lot of people in the storm's path were faced with a tough choice right in aus protected property or leave one of those people former WBBM reporter Bob Roberts the postal service UPS and FedEx all suspected deliveries my best friend said he hoped I had a pickaxe handy in case I had the accident ordered home through the roof in the end I joined the caravan heading upstate now the uncertainty is what our part but I return in Ridgeway South Carolina Bob Roberts use radio what five point nine and some animals evacuate even hurricane's path are now in Chicago and in search of a good home. say hello to Bruno the kitten is one eighty nine dogs and cats evacuated for myrtle beach South Carolina advance of hurricane Dorian there now in Chicago with the anti cruelty society downtown marketing manager Collette Bradley says the animals were already in shelters so they were homeless down in South Carolina US now they're up here this makes room for the animals in the shelters are in the area of South Carolina to have a place to go after the storm hit once checked in the dogs and cats undergo a veterinary exam after that they have a space at the anti cruelty society of grand lasalle downtown or they're sent to a temporary foster home Bradley says that temporary arrangement sometimes becomes permanency column foster fails which is a sound bad but it's a good thing rob hard use radio one oh five point nine FM activists from the area around Jackson park sure there's momentum for community benefits agreement to prevent residents from being forced out of neighborhoods around the plant a bomb a presidential center the U. I. C. study shows the rents and home prices are rising in the neighborhood.

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