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Made in the sport for casual boxing fans for mainstream sports fans to care. And I think they're going to get something. That it doesn't require hype because both these guys are looking to make definitive statement for their careers. This is a a legacy fight for both guys and who knows it could be a third fight after something like this, but I mean, huge. Money's involved, big legacy for both of these guys. It's it's definitive fight as boxing has right now, and I think for good reason, it's it's, it's one you can feel good about other than these issues outside the ring with computer all and some of the vitriol that's been exchanged in both camps, but perhaps that can contribute to an even better fight. That's what I'm hoping we're speaking of boxing writer, Brin Butler. His new book has nothing to do with boxing. It's about chess grandmaster, Magnus Karlsson the match me. Great. Again, we'll have him on in the coming months when the book is out in November. But before we let you go Brin you did mention gianatti wilder, Anthony, Joshua, the super heavyweight matchup that people have been clamoring. For now for some time. Is it gonna happen? Is it going to happen when these guys are both forty? What your sense now to happen to undefeated guys in their prime with faster nominal amounts of money waiting in the wings seems like both camps are a little bit gun shy just because the loser, especially if he loses bad. That's a fight that's not gonna go to the judges scorecards. So I think there's just too much money for it not to happen and it would just be bad for the sport for it to be delayed too long. It seems like it's been protracted already, but I think you're gonna see two thousand nineteen very likely could could showcase that fight before a massive English audience at Wembley. You know, eighty thousand of these fans have been showing up for Joshua fighting you or me, but to fight undefeated American heavyweight like the day wilder who knows how to sell a fight, I think could be something special. That'd be something if it happens, Brin Butler is our resident, boxing, ex. For Brin. Thanks so much for joining us to talk about triple gene canal. My pleasure. Thanks for having me Jeremy. I'm Jeremy shop and you can listen to new editions of the sporting life every Saturday and Sunday morning on ESPN radio and ESPN app beginning at six AM eastern time..

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