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College campuses there are Jews Muslims Hindus all different kinds of backgrounds who are pushing back against racist policies in Israel because they see that the human rights violations of children being detained is one of the worst people in the history of the U. S. Congress a hater a hater of the lowest order pushing the big lie that Israel is racist she is doing what Hitler did and what the **** did in my estimation the nineteen thirties she is the womanizing Jews in Israel and yet she's invited by the foolish leaders of Israel along with a cortex occasional cortex and the other one I can't remember their names why did they suddenly want to go to Israel they can't take care of their own districts the district they come from our hell holes here in America all of a sudden they're allowed to enter Israel have on joining us right now is David Rubin the former mayor of Shiloh Israel to discuss this with us Mr Rubin welcome to the savage nation radio program well thank you good to be with the warriors suddenly do these these haters why they were all going to Israel but to make Israel look bad no to gain a platform to criticize Israel to criticize America to criticize June that's what they're looking for and then it gives them a very nice platform to stand with the in the background but with Israel in the background with the walls of the old city of Jerusalem in the background that that's what they want the this one as they should be allowed to enter the country so I understand what could happen if if that happened but what what is your opinion should be allowed to enter the country no absolutely not use you don't allow in people thank you we're going to be criticizing you publicly there was a law in Israel that at that anyone who's promoting and advocating for the boycott of Israel is not going to be allowed into the country the prime minister is showing weakness and and not feel I know my nose just like dislike anyone in the Middle East.

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