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Two thousand nineteen jeep Cherokee limited was to ninety nine a month on the two thousand nineteen jeep grand Cherokee limited don't go someplace else for a good deal gets security does Jimmy will for the best deal get the complete program as twenty four seven online at security Dodge dot com during the jeep adventure days and ram power days going on right now Nate in blooming Grove was up late Hey Mike. radical level. because Eli is in the postseason where he's at in his career does he have a higher trade value mid season that you need to replace there is no one back there is no trading in the mid season the trading deadline is before Halloween that says it's October twenty nine I believe you can't trade after that so it would have to be by then and and I doubt I think it's doubtful he firstly away even though trade to be traded secondly I don't think it's likely that there will be a team a winning team a playoff team that is looking to trade form and I think that family ties between that makes sense will be someone who will be looking to go deep into the playoffs and uses expertise in the post season where he's been a you know wonderful policies in place but I do think that's unlikely highly highly unlikely. region by orders was a bridge. Hey Mike this is double the did you ever get a chance to see the Hogan special another golf channel that they did no I never did it was okay was amazed I don't really know much about him I don't realize how unbelievable this guy was illegal you know. the movie great player and unbelievably not not certainly guy no I don't you get outside of that so the greatness level you know I great great great great you're fifty three Mike yeah I mean I know tiger that one year and Jack I but that year fifty three one five of six three majors and then you can play in the PGA because his legs are killing I'm sorry go walk thirty six a day and he had one already four times no good beat him in a match like so I am in the top three or four L. the greatest because I I I've had a lot of guys now thank you so really was educated on I think he's third thank you sorry right above Jones and the and I think I got accused Jones separately because he the the dive I think you gotta put John separately because it was so different era I miss going with the modern era so I go Nicolas tiger Hogan. okay now let me ask you something as far as the TV work was originally hem and then switch to Palmer and then it like because Nichols never carried the TV like palm or tiger that and then we don't normally. nobody nobody carried TV like Palmer nobody Palmer carry TV like few people in any sport Palmer Palmer made golf on television actually made it Palmer was so popular there's never been a long poem that it was incredible how popular put a bomb was. the model was a matinee idol I mean any any wasn't the best player but he was a matinee idol. Bob in Riverhead was of Bob. I might. the full giants rounds but I'll try it Sunday is going to be a a motional roller coaster for me not seeing any ally after fourteen seasons it's going to be wrong when you know what you what you were saying before never mind a guard bill what do you the longevity of the true super ball and recreation all I have to look at some of that you know this guy's head twenty seven fourth quarter comebacks and thirty seven game winning drive I mean that I can't you know that this guy has been. if he doesn't get you know first ballot I'll be shocked. I think he's just he had an amazing career no I did I think you're right and I think he did I think the it hasn't been you know people haven't been well listen like I said they'll move away from what's happened recent years and look at the whole total of the career and that will be very positive very light will long island what's up well. and Mike had already gone good let's have the. the question before I get them on its journey chancellor remarks gonna go to southern cal that been kind of recent reports now. I don't know about that I don't I I K. I do have no information about that I would not surprise me further my close again. I'm now as far as this hormone thing with being suspended from from what I understand what you're saying is it is negotiated between the Players Association both have to agree are you with the information that they have that the player should be placed inside the protocol they have to boil over the players have to worry as the player so this has to agree and the management agrees and that the information they had without a police report they both agreed that he be placed in the protocol. yeah so it doesn't matter what anybody says that's what it's agreed win or lose rain or shine he's ahead so they they they bowl and and would with the Players Association put him in a protocol it without any evidence I mean come on. I mean why what what why would they possibly do that's will player so obviously up yeah I know that you know you know obviously and we're hearing from every quarter that the information is that he will pitch again this year but we don't have that official yet so we'll wait so we do but that you're hearing that from multiple multiple places back after this. Hey is this a flex our bank of America wants to know what would you like the power to do I'm speaking with Larry to read a regional president from bank of America hearing the DMV thanks for coming you bet what do you do to take care of your employees the keeper Morton to be them and more people wanting to work for bank of America at bank of America has Mott business model of responsible growth we have to grow of course but we have to do it by managing risk serving the client we want to be a great place to work that includes compensation we just announced our minimum starting wage is going to go up from seventeen dollars an hour to twenty dollars an hour in two thousand twenty one we have a comprehensive health benefits we have sixteen weeks of paid family leave we offer twenty days a bereavement leave bank America is a great program called.

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