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I've never had an interest in making wine but i do love talking about the science but i think you bring up a good point if i hadn't developed that interest through homeboy at the time i don't think into those events would have meant the same thing i would have gone to them with her. Okay we're hearing here is the whole thing. Yeah knowing been kind of like knowing the size. It's it's actually. Why moving more into baking like still beard. I go to beer events. Whenever i will i used to could But that's what got me into baking. Abreu i still need to do something and baking the scientists Silly season things like that. Make yourself mike so you know. Make tons of bread and pastries and things all the time. That's like my new thing is. It reminds me of all the beer cheesecake. I have never met a cheesecake. Got a guy. I got a guy i son. I give a shout out to my sixteen year old son. A good friend of mine showed him. How don't even know the recipe it. It's so secretive like it's kind of like a handshake right and that they've shared amongst themselves. I don't even know what it is but my son could make an amazing cheesecake when the world was backup. I'm driving down down the road and dropping you off audio cheesecake. You play my motion. I love it so let me ask you this to you. I'm not even looking at the questions. That i was gonna originally and ask you because some interest on on a whole lot of different things and when you say down there by russian rivers so you got the pliny's down there and all that all that wonderful stuff understanding and enjoying the process again a of making beer talking to folks about it spreading the knowledge things like that. It seems to be that. That's that was some of the foundation for you moving into livestream into telling stories on online and sharing your knowledge with with folks that it seems that it it was almost kind of a cause and effect thing right and the fact that you you had a new passion you you meeting folks you were learning things and you wanna talk about it. Is that kind of where you start because you. You've got a couple of really good show topics and series. He's going on your channel which we'll talk about here now but it. It was kind of things that pushed you into. Absolutely hurting is on fire foreign up a camera and that kinda thing. Yeah it was it started. fun fact is i actually did have a podcast for hot minute. Back into our lives in reno. This is probably. I've been here for what eight years so probably about fourteen years ago. Give or take a beer. Podcast with a couple of friends Where we would just talk about shenanigans over drinking beer for a couple of hours It was fun we had really a time with it..

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