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Toothpick. All feeling at the moment. What is p. thinking about. That kind of thing. And yes, I know this is just underneath the. Out credits, the credits that role at the end of end of show end of and if you listen to a lot of shows a lot of movies, take the time to sit in the theatre little bit longer and listened to the music they play at the end because oftentimes those are the things that the composer spent the most amount of love on because. Well, they figured that everybody's just going to get up and leave. But listen to how beautiful what Shawn's written here. So for me, this is one of the nice moments and for me as the person that chooses the music and where goes on the show. This makes me very happy. When I listen to this. Sorta says job, well, done guys. Really, really nice work. And so what I wanna do, I'm going to give Sean call out in Los Angeles and we're going to bring him on. He's gonna talk a little bit about this, and then I'm gonna let a whole bunch of music place that you and your family can sort of listen to it wherever you are maybe driving a car. And can kind of enjoy it from front to back with just maybe some of the stuff you've recognized from the show. Some will be short. Some will be longer some stuff you haven't heard because a lot of the times us not the entire piece of the piece of music that we composed and then at the very end all play the themes again. So it's kind of a way for you to sort of have a little bit of extended listening to the Potomac in maybe a way you haven't before. So let me get on the phone here in dall- Sean, see what he has to say. Hello, there he is. Are you there you know, working hard you getting back into the swing things after your vacation -solutely. Well, I just wanted to give you a ring. You know, we are recording live here a little thing for the Mars Patel. Listeners, young and old, and I want them to meet the man. The one of the two people have already met me behind the music, Mars Patel. So it was great. So we have been sitting here talking about, I've been going on and on about underscoring and what that might mean. And if you're sort of a young person, what that might mean in terms of listening for it in in TV shows and movies, and I thought I wanted to hear you talk a little bit about that and see see what your take on it is and and sort of what to listen for. Well, that's it's a broad topic, but it's a fun one that it's interesting and I, I've been thinking about Mars, you know what Mars overall meant. To me with you, asking me to be part of the show and it's it was it's unique in my particular experience because I'm used to working with images that you see versus the kind of images that you don't see. Right? Those those ones, the non image. It's actually funny because what what I think that you guys have done so well with Mars and telling the story is you do get this unbelievable mental picture of what's going on without actually seeing something on screen. And this is the part of this for me that I find fascinating. It's like reading a book. It's like being told to you, you picture your own images and where that differs from what I do regularly, which is writing music for moving pictures. I'm trying to employ the same techniques and being inspired by an image and right to the moving image with Mars. It's all about the story and you're writing with the image that you're that you are creating yourself as listener and whether there's an actual picture or a mental picture, it's all about supporting story. Music almost becomes a little more important without the picture does. It's really all about listening. So you're, you're hearing a story being told and music is, and the way the way that you you produce the shows and mixed. The show's music is very much a voice very much, especially marris's become somewhat of a character for the very signature sound. I think that we came up with for the show. You know, I picked out one great. Example that I really loved and it was it was this this music of one of your cues that you wrote that played behind the end credits on the show, and I talked a little bit about how that just, you know, mates music can even make somebody reading credits, sound good, you know. But I also there's this other key that I really love and happens in season two. And I don't wanna give anything away for people that haven't listened to the show, but there's a scene in the second season where catty is sort of given up that moment where like she thinks all is lost and there's this great q. with with a violin. That's just a single held note, and it holds for quite a long time before the sort of emotional music comes in here limit. Let me play it for you right now. I'll play it for everybody right now so they can hear about and we'll chat about it. So

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