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The united states is pulling out of unesco the state department believes the international organisation cost too much and that it has an anti israel by us as yours elizabeth blair reports unesco plays an important cultural role around the world the sea and unesco stands for culture and since the end of world war two it has promoted diplomacy through art music and literature unesco member countries voted to prohibit the trafficking of antiquities and looted art it also designates world heritage sites in a controversial move unesco named the palestinian city of have run a world heritage site despite protests from israel and the united states unesco's irina bokova says it is deeply regrettable the us is withdrawing at a time when conflicts continue to tear societies around the world apart the state department wants to stay involved with unesco as a nonmember observer so it can weigh in on issues like the protection of world heritage sites elizabeth blair npr news ecuador faxes problems with an online customer help page were caused by a vendor software code and not by a cyber attack on its systems the credit reporting company is dealing with the aftermath of hackers breaking into it system earlier this year that exposed the personal information of over one hundred forty five million americans the company is now facing multiple state and federal investigations as well as several likely class action lawsuit this is npr news the harvey weinstein affair is having repercussions beyond us borders and the irs eleanor beardsley reports several french actresses of also reported grotesque behavior by the international movie producer you see all false inadequate and she did the french media are reporting french james bond girl lay essay do story say do said at first weinstein was charming but he looked at her as if she were a piece of meat she said it was hard to refuse an invitation to his hotel room because he wilted such power but she ended up having to physically fight him off with all her might.

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