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Welcome back to the GMC baseball podcast page up with those rules talk in the controversy in LA. Now, you're going to move on to Bryce Harper in because he still hasn't signed what he hasn't signed. You anybody? What I know. Were you surprised that neither Machado nor Harper signed during Super Bowl weekend? I was I just want somebody to sign us it too much to ask for one of them. Thought one of them would try to steal the talk of the weekend. Maybe Saturday nights I want. I want some because Saturday night the about this or Sunday morning, Jeff if one of them signs than it becomes a conversation at the Super Bowl party. Like, hey, did you hear about Harper? You hear about Machado? And then it creates buzz for major league baseball. And that's why I really thought one of them was going to announce a you know, they expected to be satisfied. To be satisfied. Solid marketing ploy. Well, nothing happened. And we don't deserve happiness apparently in baseball because we keep getting just no news whatsoever. Except for rumors of mystery teams bidding for. Harper. Like, the biggest news I've seen in the last like let's say week of the San Francisco Giants are making a last ditch effort a last minute effort to get harpers to sign and I think they're meaning sometime this week. But again, they're still meeting. He's still meeting with teams he hasn't even like moved one way or the other. There's been we had to talk about bats that look like Philly colors, for God's sakes. There's a serious issue with why this is taking so darn long. Yup. Harper buddy. I understand. This is a big moment for you. And this could lead to hundreds of millions and millions of Taylor's, but Chato is well just for the sake of all that is holy please. Just make a decision by. Let's say next Wednesday's. We talk about. Aaron judge said that he would welcome Bryce Harper on the Yankees surprise surprise. Oh, really you wouldn't want one of the best players in baseball to come on your team. He said he would he said Aaron judge would Aaron judge says he wants them he'll move to center field. So for harbor to join like some sort of huge sacrifice. I guess he would be terrible in Tenterfield in my opinion. He's not a fielder any circumstance will we have an end to this story by next Wednesday. If we were. Fortunate enough. Yes. But we don't deserve this. So no parents. They don't deserve happiness. Yeah. That's just we don't we just that's just I just accepted this life ex accepted. The fact that they're never going to make a decision in. This could go on for decades. This is like a. What is that one thing that went on for tons of years in just I don't know. I can't think of anything like It's a it's. drought. Like a drought of some kind of like a lion. Having this happened already or something? I just I just want something to happen. It's like the meme poking the stick do something. Yeah. Eggs. I've seen that everywhere. All right. So do you still think? Well, so we saw the Padres talk to Harper last week sounded like they were another team. Do you still think that one of these guys signs with the Phillies? Honestly, I don't know because there's so many other teams now that are going for them supposed-. Mystery teams that I thought it was almost foregone conclusion that it was going to go to the Phillies. But now, I'm like it should have if he was going to go to the Phillies it would have been done by now is they met with him multiple times already. It would have hardly happened..

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