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And the announcer said. We're gonna try to find out what happened to Kobayashi Rodeo back that there's something in the car. I mean, if you had a 20 for our race, and you blow on engine or kind of tire or something that's devastating. How do you ever make up that time? And it turned out that Johnson was simply shaking his head. In awe of the lead the Kobayashi built during his lead, Kobayashi got into the car and they weren't leading any eventually got it up to a 13 2nd lead anyway. The end of the race, the driver of the car that won the driver who was in the car team that one was Philippe Eog occur. Albuquerque, The on Suns owner, Ricky Taylor was another driver. Listen to her. The number three and number four drivers were Helio Castro Davison Alexander Rossi, both of whom have one Indianapolis 500, so kind of exciting stuff, And in that race, remember, it's a 20 for our race, and they simply run 24 hours and whoever is ahead of whatever 24 hours come, That's the last lap and they finish and you slop off drivers and so on. But you use the same car the whole way through. So it's really an endurance thing. And It's kind of like the old cannonball run sort of things. We have stop off drivers, and you've got to keep moving, and the teams that went into the ones that get the best superstar drivers that are out there. 24 hours with seven minutes left. There's one second Less than a second between the leader. And the second place driver, the driver. The second place car is a guy named regular band is Annie. What do you think happens to him? You believe he gets a flat tire? Seven minutes in the finish of a 20 for our races, tire goes down and they have to go into the pits and change the tire in the other team went and won the race. I'm guessing the only two people in southeastern Wisconsin who are watching the 24 hours of Daytona over me and John Wyatt, which might tell you Could have devolved into that. But It was kind of cool watching it in the presentation, and NBC sports was pretty.

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