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For example, only in the last Dale to the prime minister of Kosova has decided not to travel to the Serb anklet. They've in Bosnia for a conference because the leader of that half state of the Serb enclaves said, you would not be welcome here. I cannot guarantee your scar in danger. Of losing every listener. This point. This is this is one of the problems with Balkan disputes. They are immensely complex and they all totally incomprehensible to anybody who lives outside the region. It doesn't mean that they don't matter to the people who live there to return to this particular dispute. How angry are the payer review about the ongoing impudent existence of a place called New England. It's taken a while to get used to the idea, but I just there's just this whole bunch of Americans without so much as a by your leave insist. They live in a place called New England. They've even got a football to this day. I still think the rebels, but. The country further away, which has a worrying number of English names that it's claimed for citizens owns South Wales. Well, this is exactly my point as a native son of New South Wales myself. I am not aware that AllState has ever received a single complaint from the people of South Wales. If you were right next to the fine people of South Wales might be different. The implication is they are owed South Wales and we know nobody wants to be owed southwards you raise you raise a slightly serious point, but I think what we're all missing is the ethnic dimension. There is a very strong ethnic quays. I religious dimension to the disputes in the Balkans and that my my only perspective on it is a brilliant politician. Tito was to hold this lot together. Is is, is the just a final thought on this roll benistead seriously though, a reputational aspect for Greece here because this this tells tend to make Greece appears somewhat. I don't know petty. We could see well, the the, the Greek government I think would love to move on from this. I mean, as you suggest, they got one or two other problems on their plate, and they would love to be regarded once again as a serious country into series member of the European Union. If they can get this done and the Gaumont at least thinks it has got a formula can live within. They can move on. There are some Greeks in in the Greek region of Macedonia, and there are some Macedonians in north Macedonia who don't like the deal. We will see whether their governments convince them. Otherwise, we'll finally tonight to New York City. Very thousand p that little has been learned about encouraging. People were the notoriety principally to starring in dreadful television programs to stand for public office. Cynthia Nixon alumnus of sex, and the city is challenging governor Andrew Cuomo for the democratic party's gubernatorial nomination in a primary on I and I thank her at least for that'll put unity to say gubernatorial on air..

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