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Welcome back to state of the Union. I'm Jake Tapper. As many families wake up this Easter Sunday there will be one more big change to their routines. Many will not be able to worship at Church yesterday afternoon. New Mexico became the latest state to extend its ban on mass gatherings to include houses of Worship. And joining me now the Democratic governor of New Mexico Michelle Luhan Grisham Governor Luhan Grisham. Thanks so much for joining us and happy Easter to you during this very difficult time. President trump is considering calling for Americans to go back to work easing federal social and physical distancing guidelines as soon as May I. You've predicted the peak in New Mexico. Could come as late as the end of May what will you do if the president calls for an easing of those guidelines on? May First we're going to make the decisions that Safeguard Mexicans right. The everything we do is about protecting lives and first response or a healthcare worker. I think this is the problem with not having a national strategy. If this virus is blind eight borders we had better national strategies and better national data and universal testing and software Amtrak tracing then we can really figure out when opening make sense and actually start to do that in the country. So I'M GONNA do whatever's right for a New Mexico and we've begun looking at recovery options but we aren't GonNa do anything until that peak occurs and we're clear about not having hospitalizations and reducing the number of people that are positive every day in our surveillance and testing efforts. Your office has been relying on data from a company called Descartes labs to track new Mexicans movements to see whether new Mexicans a whole are adhering to social distancing guidelines said. The data comes from millions of cell phones. And you don't know who's cell phone is who's for your constituents out there who might have privacy concerns about this. Can you explain exactly how this data collection is happening? And what oversight there is in the process. Well a couple of things. I think that some folks got confused. That somehow this is state data and stayed effort. And it isn't it's also aggregate cell phone data for the entire country and debt cart. Labs is a data large data firm and they do incredible work. Managing any huge types of information that can be beneficial. So we treat this tool that allows us to figure out whether our social distancing more just looking at the cases but look at where people are traveling how long. They're traveling and get a sense about whether or not we need to do something else. That limits person to person contact and enhances our Social distancing in terms of oversight. It was anything that we thought in this company or anybody else that was breaching already robust federal or state laws protecting privacy. A we wouldn't have a relationship and be a we do the appropriate accountability but they're just using aggregate data. We don't have any idea who any of the the cell phone numbers belong to not just in New Mexico but nowhere in the country. But it is a very useful tool to get a sense. About how social distancing works and what? The benefits of that are I want to listen to the surgeon general at the White House Task Force briefing on Friday where he addressed racial disparities. In Corona virus cases and deaths take a listen the chronic burden of medical ills is likely to make people of color especially less resilient to the ravages of cove nineteen and if possibly in fact likely that the burden of social ills is often contributing now..

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