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I think organizationally they took a hard left turn in the middle of these, and it was subtle and sort of flew under the radar, but if you wanna go back to the Tober meetings, and the giants are really struggling and John Mara said publicly we need to take a hard look at this. And we may not be doing it overnight. And I think what has been the case in New York for the last five six years that roster was broken, and they were able in two thousand sixteen the ban date it, and they go out and sign a legitimate burning to north Yankees snacks Harrison, and then they make the playoffs season when everything went right, right? And then the two seasons after that they were chasing that success. Like they felt like they were a lot closer than they actually were. I think in the middle of last season. What happened organizationally was the people that building came to the realization, we're not as close as we think we are. We cannot be operating like a win now organization. That's not where we are. And I think that they were laid on that they certainly realize that earlier, but I do think in the middle of the season they came to that realization that they need a four on rebuild. And so I don't think we can relate anything they do now to anything that they did before November October November. And I think now they're going through a rebuild. The question becomes is. It worth having a great great great player. But a guy who did wide receiver who can be a pain in the ass around when you're looking to rebuild maybe bringing young quarterback game. You're gonna be trying to fill your building. But talented young guys or do you go and flip them for some capital? So you've got a little bit more to rebuild your team. And so I know a lot of people are trying to just oppose this against the moves. The giants take off season. I don't do that. Because my my feeling on it is there was an understanding that was arrived at the middle of the season. And they're now as a result of that going into a foreign. So then if you're in a full rebuild, then then you can't you can't start your two time SuperBowl winning franchise. Face future hall of Famer certainly ring a hall hall of Famer locally, we can have an argument about ally in the actual hall. That makes no sense. Then I mean, so so the court you even mentioned bring a young quarterback. And I assume it's going to be Dwayne Haskins from from your alma mater or could be surprising Kawamori, we could hit that in a second. But the question for me is what did he lies gonna get a bonus just for being on the team on Saturday? This is this is it this. They gotta make this whole thing. Now, don't they? I think you have to look at it though. Like you have to deal. I'm marrying douse. The first quarterback. I know that sounds weird because of all the history has there, and you know, it's tough. It's tough thing to look at a guy like that. We've got. That many health wall as a quarterback. But right now, I that's I that's how you have to look at him. He's a bridge to the next thing. I'd he's making seventeen million this year. That's only one million dollars more than tyrod Taylor. Made us the verge in Cleveland last year. So you're already paying about what the going rate for a bridge quarterback is, and you know, you know, what you're getting instead of going out and spending on Ryan tannehill or something like that. Or Nick foles, you've got someone in the building who you know, you understand what he's about. And you hope that playing him having him in the building..

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