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I tend to just really to answer your question in a long winded way. I tend to really go with what I just got what I think, is the best show of the mall. Also in this case, we agree, the should win and the whirlwind in a very tight race. But I think we're coming in with Haiti's town in both towns that could be spoiler category. You know, for sure for sure. From even out, you know, they, they all have defense. Absolutely. I just think if we have the guns and have to call right now, the easiest to justify but it's it could go on a number of ways best revival of a play the third of the big four show awards. You've got three shows that are closed the boys in the band torch song, and the Waverley gallery and then to others that are still running. We saw all my sons together, and then there's also burn this, a lot of Hollywood talent between these categories. All my sons has an bending boys in the band, had a whole host of folks, burn, this carry Russell and Adam driver, and then Waverley gallery. Elaine may Lucas hedges on Joan Allen, who was not nominated individually. Same with hedges terms of revival of a play. Where do you fall on that? I think it's a tight race. I really enjoyed the oh my son's revival. I think it's very solid. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it's a really sharp production, beautifully acted, and burn this. I think. Drivers phenomenally just one of those performances that you really remember everything about is so physical, so dynamic. It's Brando Brandis, guess performance, and torch song. I had kind of lukewarm feelings about when it was off Broadway. But I think by the time it moved to Broadway. Michael Iurie, who was playing the Harvey Firestone character had sort of stepped out from that shadow, and made the role his own in ways that I thought were quite beautiful Mercedes Ruehl was great. I think it was a terrific revival. So this is a strong category. But I do think it's going to come down to a clash between boys in the band, and the Waverley gallery, both of which are terrific productions. I love Kenny Loggins plays. And I don't think the way really gallery is his strongest, it's maybe his most personal. But I also find we've seen this kind of territory, so much indie movies particular always eighteen versions of this play at every Sundance. And I thought it had its limitations. What did have that I think was incredible was Elaine May's? Yeah. Hormone. And I think it's also quite beautifully directed by Lila Noyer Bala for me. Joe, Allen's emission from the featured actress category is one of the big crimes of these Tony nominations. But if I had to go for production process revival might pick would be boys in the band. I think that that is as that you're should win. Absolutely should win. I mean first of all, politically, it's inconceivable that ten years ago, we could have had this play which has been equally vilified and celebrated by LGBTQ audiences over the decades. Some people think it's great. Some people think it perpetuates the ugliest kind of stereotypes, but I think what Joe Montello did in directing, this beautifully cost production was to take a play that is potentially problematic and show us via compassion for the characters for the situation, they're in show is the context, the social context of what created these men and their hangups and then euro sees what made them bitter and aggressive with one in. Other that, you know, there's as much hate as love as much self loathing as celebration in it. And I think all of that is what made that production, very complex entertaining and rewarding. I think that does seem between those two for the will win as well though it's unusual certainly not unheard of it all, but unusual that you would have this between a bunch of shows that have closed, but I think there's of the two that are still running..

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