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I just wanted to call and let you know that I am Sach writer than you. In week two. I called in fire still the Cowboys having a top five defense this year. And I think you hit the land speed record to the. Did you? Buying it. Now, Mr. crab, I by Josh I buy it. I buy. For Josh in Dallas. I love I love sports fans. Never forget a slight Andrew L. Hey, what's up, buddy? You're on CBS sports radio. Hello. Hi. My name is Andrew. I'm calling from LA goods up. I think. Than the patriots. I think that they would if they were to go to Foxborough those they'll be able to beat them there. They played a near-perfect. There's no penalties against them at all. They're really good on the road. And their defense is a lot more ferocious than I believe the patriots. Andrew anything things. They play a perfect game. I like the chargers I like a lot of the AFC is going to be really interesting. This year problem is when there's a lot of parody. It says equals the pages this eight five five two one two four CBS the phone number. We talked a few hours ago here on the program. If you missed it or miss anything radio dot com where you can find the podcast some college football playoff. And we're going to do that again with Dennis out my colleague from CBS sports dead. It's gonna Dennis is gonna join me in just a moment here on the show writer, then you with me Bill writer after the CBS sports radio update with Jay baron. Sports play Bill. This report is brought.

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