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The Coronado bridge San Diego. A lot of people have jumped off this bridge since nineteen eighty seven's a two mile long span it was a huge number four hundred and twenty people have jumped off since nineteen sixty nine they're going to put those little birds spikes out there. So that people don't I guess you would have to step on them to jump off the bridge or something. So if it works there it could work anywhere. The company says it's a they will look for more permanent barrier down the road. But for two miles span the bird spikes, they think will get the job done for now. But again, I would think that. Little bit of Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Wouldn't sway somebody who's looking to offer them selves? But we do it works. We had our winter Bob on a cell is all it says Bob on a cell because Greg is still talking to him. It was twelve hundred. What is at one thousand two eighty seven. Not sure what his guests was. But he was close enough one thousand to eighty seven from here to Key West Florida, which check my phone I keep that's one of those. I I like it enough that I keep it on. My my weather key west right now is sixty six nine o'clock in the morning. Heading up to about seventy eight later on. That'll be nice. All right snacks threads caravan stops by and about a half an hour. And I think he's got the cowboy prior to that. And I'll talk to you early tomorrow morning news time, NewsRadio seven hundred w l w. News,.

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