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So when did launched everything shock and my mind went to actually part of this is you know so that's another one of my genius is another one phrase i give all the glory part of my background his logistics okay and then i put in for job at homeland security when i started all right and i was a logistics consultant so i went down to washington dc for for training and somebody asks yori told us about the program are you going to tell us about what each individual person is going to do on the team and they said no and we looked at each other and they said the reason why we're not telling you is because you're supposed to be experts in your field and is too well so i was able to use another gene is of mine with only security being creative so i implemented creativity in my work and i got the job dumb i'm not going to go into detail about that that was one of those opportunities that people never experienced like working cape canaveral have slovenian being on a team when homeland security i doubt and this was only a few months after nine eleven so it's honor to serve the country but it's number one honor god with yeah makes it is absolutely right is definitely a gift from god serve i would ask you what would you say to the youth that's watching thousands youth gonna be watching you all around the world.

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