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We need a little more seasoning on this roast we just need a little bit more and i think it's not imminence but clay helton i don't think inspires the same amount of program face ignace as pete carroll and that is always going to be in the back of people's minds i believe that if he if he max's out at winning or losing the rose bowl it's going to grow tiresome but not anytime soon not not anytime soon and like i said eventually he will be overcome by the hotness of the seat but you do bring up a really important point and it's one that we mentioned gosh i want to say six or eight months ago when we were talking about usc and klay hilton back in twenty seventeen dan clay helton walked into an airport how many people you don't meet people to recognize health neta hudson news the answer zero l a couple yeah i think that factors in as well he doesn't have that gravitas of i dunno pete carroll someone who's been there before had a lot of success someone who's recognizable yeah but here's the thing if he's recruiting on a top three to five level he should have top three to five results and that means within the next three years he has to win at least a playoff game right i would think i think that's fair so that's where i come down with klay home who has done a fantastic job taking over a program that was in crazy flux recruited super well developed quarterbacks has hired really well he has done everything that usc could possibly hope for short of top two to three results and that's really good agree next question on the opposite end of things for matt given the way both virginia football and basketball womp ended their twenty seventeen eighteen seasons losing against teams from maryland is there any hope bronco turn things around in sharp.

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