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Until December. 7th. Originally it was supposed to end on November 1st, Massachusetts environmental officials declaring a level three critical drought in the southeastern region of the state on Ben Parker. It's night side with Dan Ray until you easy. Boston's news radio My guest on the line with us as Dr Roger Klein. He's a pathologist, he says, Ah, medical degree and a law degree and As I mentioned before the break. Dr. Deborah Burkes, who made some comments yesterday about co morbidity was here in the Boston area today and she Noting that our number of active cases has uptick. For example, yesterday there were 730 for yesterday for 109 cases today, 734. We reported our death number totals, still saying stay in the double digits, But our new cases have had a pretty dramatic uptick in the last Two or three weeks, and she attributes that to the fact that perhaps people need to start wearing facial coverings or masks. Uh at home. I know that that you have us somewhat skeptical of the the value of maths. What masks? What do you think of that suggestion? Dr Klein. Well, I think it's really you know, I have to say that was I'm glad you brought this up. Because you're the first person is Friday document. I've done a lot of media experiences appearances and this This is great. So So we don't have You're irrespective of what anybody will leave you to believe or lead people to believe we don't have direct evidence that man wearing by the public either stopped or slowed the spread of the disease, and certainly no evidence that it would actually change the course of the epidemic. What we do know is that Masked and, of course, their various types of covering that range from scarves. Teo, too, and 95 respirators, which are which are dense and and really black particular matter, though, there their rum These. These are worn throughout by by the public, but we really But again we don't. We don't really have good studies that suggest that that I mean, this helps fight. You know there is there is there aren't really good correlations between countries that have done very well in math. Wearing, UM and and Debra Byrd is pointing out a really great point, which is that some of the most stringent mask wearing and other Other restrictions of this nature seemed not to work. So We've looked at this question of man for 100 years. There were debates about math during the Spanish flu. There was even a league formed in San Francisco of and I met people, so the same types of debate And that that that go on today when I'm Ben and weak and fight all of the interest were never able to show that math. Black or prevent the spread of respiratory virus is certainly not not that we've never seen that They really changed the course of an epidemic and there's been lapped in my studies on it, so we haven't seen those data and if you look at CDC website And you go to their guidance for influenza. They'll say we don't we cannot recommend mask wearing by the public. They're not able to do it. The reason they're not able to do it because we don't have direct evidence for it. But they say that if people want to wear masks, they may need toe wear them at home. Oh, that is that is that that's I loved it because the first time you've ever come up It's the first and maybe It is the first time that I heard Dr Bergson and she brought it up. I think in the context of off, okay? In Massachusetts. People do wear masks. You go to stores and everybody has a mask of in different communities. There are places where you have to wear a mask, even when you're walking on the streets, and I think that in No, I'm not saying the people being thrown in jail. But I think she's taking it one step further. And I think what she's saying is people wearing masks out in public, but they're not wearing them at home in maybe I think she might be. Grasping for a cause, but she I think she's saying that maybe people need to wear the masks. Now at home. I know that the CDC and March was saying master not necessary, and then they change their thoughts on it. So Let's do this, Dr Klein. There's so many subjects that I could ask you about. And when you talked about the costs associated with the pandemic, you know the financial cost of lockdowns but also the societal cost of Of opioid abuse and alcoholism and domestic violence there. There's so many things to talk about, but I got full lines, and so if we can, let's let's take some phone calls. Is that okay? Yeah, absolutely. Excellent. No us today, but we got phone calls. Trust me on that. Let's go to Rachel. Who's in Quincy? Rachel, you're on the ring. Central. Nice. I call a line with Dr Roger Klein. Go right ahead. Rachel. Hi, Dan. Rachel. What I'm concerned about is the incubation period. So just say you come in contact with a person that came down with a cold bitch or may have the cove. It I have learned. Okay, it's a 10 Day. Incubation period almost like the chicken pox. Um okay. So now you get tested and you negative. What happened on that 11? 12th day..

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