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It's so nice to meet you nice meeting. You. Thank you for inviting me on fake you so much San Diego chicken. Where can we find your next? Well, believe in I might be doing something with the Padres this year. Right. It should be fun. Looking forward to it. It's going to be grand time at Petco park, and and that will be throughout the baseball season. Or just a couple of select dates a special selected date through the return of the chicken this year to Petco park will you come back out of the styrofoam egg. Oh, probably not out of the styrofoam egg. But some other surprises. What if they lowered you out of a spaceship? Ooh, right. Ooh. How cool I love that that would be in complete agreement. That's that's something. I would already they should already start promoting to sell season tickets here at comes the UFO, the unidentified frying objects. We're going to turn off your mic now. Sorry. All right. Thank you so much San Diego chicken will be right back here. The Ron burgundy podcast. My partner in here. Carolina's upset with me because I'm on fair all day getting cars. I know I'm supposed to use the app just to get one car, but darn it. If this thing isn't to dictate fair makes it so easy to just get a car without buying one. You want another one and then another one or in my case fifteen and guess what? If I don't like the car got on fair. I can get rid of it. People have always known me as a big shot. But now they see me in a different car every other day and say there goes Ron burgundy the biggest shot around something. Like that. Who am I kidding? I don't know. People are saying when I drive past that stupid, you're moving too fast, and you can't hear anyway, don't buy a car. Don't get alone. Get.

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