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Newsroom. They caught the david bustards Guy they did yes arrested him yesterday. and this is something that's kind of been shot somebody at dave and buster's what is going to outside of dave and buster's so it was a fight that started like ten to twelve people involved. Some do chuck the bottle. And that's how i got started david bus. It's not how many okay i i worked at. Dnb for three years. I am. I am the game. You're not winning tickets. I am stunned that this didn't happen sooner to be completely honest with you because it would get rowdy on saturday nights drunk like people get drunk off their ass and we would toss people all the damn time so this isn't to have a full bar there. They had to. They have to full bars there. I mean i. I liked that place. My kids would have a good time there. But now i'm afraid it's it's the. It's the late friday and saturday night crowd. It is a great place. I love the people that still work there. You know some of them are still are not gonna wreck. It's okay. I know but i got cover my ass. You know how to but you know but yeah sometimes people will get extremely rowdy there. You wouldn't think they would but they do. And then this denic. Let's get out. The think is the best business to own as one. That doesn't include. People wholeheartedly agree with that. Yes wholeheartedly agree with that. So this started inside the restaurant or bar. Cade whatever you wanna call. It spilled out into the parking lot. And that's when this guy. John perez gotten his car grabbed a gun and shot some in the back in the bath. Which means he's a coward and luckily the guy is going to be okay but the other thing that happened here is three weeks before this happened peres actually was arrested for pulling a gun on women so so he shot a guy in the back and then pulled a gun on two girls. Yeah so three weeks before that. He pulled a gun on two girls through murder them he was given five thousand dollars bond posted ten percent and got out. But this is what that problem is more in the news. Yeah more and more in the news find out that these violent offenders are getting released for little or no bond and then not long after that. They actually do come around. This started happening around november. A flood of new judges. just letting. oh what did do whatever i forgive. You seem like yeah. Yeah okay i mean. It's a learning on the job kind of a gang right. You're gonna make mistakes just you know when you make him as a judge. Make them big. It's like oh you pulled a gun on two women and said i'm gonna kill you and your sorry okay. Let them let them grow fun day. One five thousand dollars post five hundred bucks. And i'm sure that five thousand dollars was earned too that he bailed out with only had to tap post ten percent right. So what does that. That's a hundred bucks. Jesus all right. Wow for pulling a gun. Two girls any bounded bonded out with five hundred. He probably had down on his in his pocket. Whoever he carjacked right before he got arrested. This is why we carry pepper spray. This is why i stay home. Police by the way. Do expect to make more arrests. So i would hope so. Yeah who who would they. Why bother why waste the gas money to go. Get somebody interested and bring him in front of the judge. Why waste adjudge time. Just tell them to go to florida because he's going to let him out anyways right more importantly missing on really great night of dave and buster's so why bother that's crazy so everybody's just getting out for stuff. Well we had that guy that called into our show. They got carjacked. He was shot. Carjacked and the guy. They stole the car and then where was that there was a it was here somewhere anyways but he. He got carjacked. He called in to our show and told us about the insurance. Won't pay him for his injuries or anything because it wasn't a it was an act of god or something they said it was random violence or whatever so it wasn't planned it was like the guy was hiding into bushes and when i pulled up he jumped out and shot me and took my car. That seems playing. He was shot. Yeah and he was shot. Why do you pay insurance. What and the guy is on trial for murder to shot somebody else and take their car and killed a person. I say this and my wife works at an insurance company. I hate insurance yes. It's true the more you pay the more excuses. You gotta get not to get that money. Do you know no. I don't even know if it was worth a toyota corolla. So it's okay if it's a jack a honda civic so that guy will probably get out five hundred bucks. That's right well. thanks rick cheated. Welcome he's from the Seven hundred ww newsroom. You know that story. No yeah kings island. And dave buster's they're having troubles because everybody's an aide whole case be nice to each other. It's not worth. It's not worth having a businesses that involves people coming into your establishment. It's true lost at papa. Shot or something. Maybe upset about that kid chris. Shout is one or two seven. Wbz and phones ring. And we'll get to them coming up. Your calls always welcome on a friday especially on a call to wall kolya dave. The engineer works here at the radio station. We we referenced him every once in a while once in a while and he always will goof on the he hates wine rocky caused it. We're guile call. In burke like his songs it'd be like to figure it out. You're right get your life together your you just spent four minutes telling me how long it's been damn so goofed on that and we were talking about. How like you know. It's corny white guys. Are whining on their rock songs. You know living color those guys would just plug in and blair. You're in melt your face right. Those guys were so bad acid. Say put on a body glove suits you know wet suits in their videos and stuff and went out on stage and nobody said a god damn thing because they just rocked now if look i. I love Aaron lewis from stained. Now if you walked out in a body glove wetsuit and sort of going and it's been a while people them don't go to dave and buster's shot outside of david busters. It is kid quiz. Show our phone numbers. Five one three eight one three seven nine seven nine paul's wall today. That's a new one. From buzzsaw. Buzzsaw synthesis sends it a few tunes And then we got this from call. Carl's calls deep here on the kid crush on friday. The only rule. Is you say who you are. And where you're calling from and i pick up hello caller..

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