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Del for business specials during Dell's summer sale event. 48 traffic and weather on the eighth. Let's go to Steve Dresner in the W T o P Traffic center Well had different Cheney on the North bound side of I 95 leaving the Fredericksburg area right before the Rappahannock River Bridge crash activity being reported blocking the left side of the roadway with delays South founders Still a bit slow over the Occoquan once you're over the bridge in passing 1 23. Does open up nicely all the way down to the Fredericksburg area. Staying in Virginia on the inner loop of the capital Bill Way Still very slow. Coming down from the Tysons Corner area. Plenty of brake lights from 1 23. What's your over the American Legion Bridge flows pretty well all the way around the big curve into Prince George's County in Maryland, Montgomery County Bethesda area tellingme a crash activity on those South bound side of the 2 70 sperm very slow. Before Democracy Boulevard on Lee, the right shoulder squeezes by the incident again. Delays backed up to the south bound lanes of I 2 70. If you want to navigate around this incident, and you are South Bend Not to 17 just hop over to the H O V lane, and that'll get you by the incident with no prom. The bell wing in Prince George's County. Looks like we may have crashed activity on the inner loop after 4 50 to use a bit of caution jammed up in both directions. Find delays on the B W Parkway. They begin from 4 10 through the bell way of 1. 93 traffic thins out nicely in both directions. Once once you pass area of 1 97. In Annapolis westbound route 50 crash activity right around the area route to when last for reports single right linkage to bind and in the end toward the area, route 2 to 14 Central Avenue. We're report of a crash may have lain blocked in each direction at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We now have wind warnings. In effect. High profile vehicles take caution. No vehicles of restrictions at this time, three lanes heading westbound to Eastbourne. Now businesses on the eastern shore are just thrilled to have you back. Show your support by going early and staying late for 24 7 Brave Bay Bridge traffic Call dial 1877 Base Spann, Steve Dresner. W T o P. Traffic Thank you, Steve. And at a storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore Tonight. Rain showers continue patchy fog temperatures tonight, falling into the upper forties Low fifties. Your.

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