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The the vice chair of the accountability committee of the of the state legislature i think this rises to and accountability hearing we're gonna hold some people responsible and i can tell the dmv that the next time they show up in front of my budget oversight committee they're going to have to deal with they better come prepared to do a lot of explaining i think if we keep that pressure on i am hoping that in a short period of time these long lines will be addressed if they want the growing i think pushback from the legislature not merely republican conservative like me but i think others democrats included are going to have to stop protecting the dmv and the the fbi you and stand up to the people california's gonna keep trying to do it we're going to go we thank you for coming on and i could cite right jim patterson assembly member up into fresno area fighting the dmv lines more coming up half i am six forty debra mark car harshest in a car is burst into flames in anaheim shortly after doing donuts in front of a crowd had happened early this morning during a car meet up in a walmart parking lot on euclid avenue the driver tried to use an extinguisher on that fire but took off before cops arrived the national weather service is warning ocean swimmers in southern california of dangerous swimming conditions forecasters say a long periods well as arriving today from a winter storm near new zealand a new study published in the journal of the american medical association says kids whose tonsils removed can triple the risk of respiratory diseases later in life trouble on the ninety one and we will check in with the kfi in the sky next this hour.

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