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The stay at home orders the evil M. Romanian Pentecostal church in Albany park and logos Baptist ministries of Niles sued the governor in Chicago federal court saying that his restore Illinois plan violates their right to worship but this afternoon federal judge Robert Gettleman denied a bid by both of those churches to challenge the rules he also accused the churches of quote a blatant refusal to follow the mandates of Pritzker's corona virus order and he says that refusal was both ill founded and selfish the governor announcing the highest ever one day death toll from the virus one hundred ninety two Illinoisans lost their lives in total three thousand seven hundred ninety two deaths in Illinois so far yesterday the governor said that the legislature needs to convene in Springfield now that is going to happen the Illinois General Assembly will return to Springfield for three days next week to take up a spring session workload long delayed by the pandemic WLS news time three thirty two the satisfying crunch of nature valley crunchy bars can keep your family going which means more outside for for you I would whole grain oats in real delicious honey it's really tasty two nature valley oats and honey crunchy bars in Montana and Eisenhower slows as Damon as well elsewhere on the roadways.

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