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Line finder dot com again and. Aw We have a one From Ninety plus sellers they are negociants will get into what that is if you don't know and this one is there California Pinot Noir Latte one seven nine of the twenty eighteen vintage and A negociants that's a French term. It's a wine business in France that doesn't make their own liner release. You don't have to make their own wine with. They do is they go to different wineries in they usually select them very careful who they go to and they have to have someone who's willing to sell to them and they will rebrand that the original wineries wine under their own label and since they're buying surplus from that winery they're getting and paying cash upfront. They're getting a discounted price and they're passing the discount on to the wine drinkers. But you don't know who made the line you don't get any of the details and stories and you have to trust the negotiate and in the Gauchan businesses all about trust. If if they're their net buying from the best people are Nag. Give you the price you think is right for the wine. You're getting. You're not going to go to them. You'll go to the original winery. So so it's Kinda the trust business and this is ninety plus sellers and they started back in two thousand nine when the economy crashed and what they would do because back then there's all sorts of California Washington state. I mean they. They have wine small over but who were looking for cash and they were willing to sell all sorts of wines if you'd pay cash upfront and they were what. Why are we only buy from ninety? Plus it was up your base league. Guaranteeing that Hewlett Trust. They had to have while someone somewhere. So this is a ninety plus wine and that was a brilliant idea. And that's what they do and they're I think they're expanding I don't think they're in every every single market up there. If you're can't find it in your local stores you might have to go online. I think I put a link to them. In the in the review we did up and and they have a whole selection of wines from inexpensive. This California Pinot Noir. I found on sale for eighty ninety nine. It should sell a ten dollar range somewhere and since it is another wine with another label the original waters labels was probably three bins over for twelve to thirteen eighteen dollars. And there you go. That's what negotions do not. negotions can be more complicated than that. It doesn't have to be the exact same wine wine. Sometimes they buy the juice that is just been fermented and then they age differently or sometimes they you know Gosheh in the Rhone Valley can buy Grenache from one producer and a Sarah from another producer a the vendor from another and make a GSM blend that would never exist other than them. Put it together So they Negotiate improve I've got with the French term was for but they can do different things. They can the aging can be different The type of wood. They can be different. It doesn't have to be EXAC- exactly the same wine though a lot of times it is. I mean `specially I think this one probably is. I think that's what they do. Do they buy wines. And that that's their model. And so this is a California Pinot Noir. Don't know anything more about it than that APP. And it's pretty good It it kind of how it's kind of got the Pinot Noir funk Innis that I like about piano wire back in the day inexpensive piano wires were just kinda bob kind of bland cherry flavored wine. Not The worst thing. If you're GONNA make a bland winemaker cherry flavored. But they didn't have a lot of personality in They've started making them differently and I don't know how they made this but they started making them like the The Beaujolais produces reduces made Jimmy. And it changed everything with Pinot Noir. Now you have these inexpensive wines with personality and and again since this is a negotiate one at anything about it maybe maybe not but the flavor profile is Kinda. Got That ripe juicy thing going up Mayo me The people like but it's not that big and bold and it's Kinda got the funky flavors and Aromas that I actually like about it. I don't mind the fruit flavors but I want the I don't like about me. Miss what I like about being a new wire. You know tastes great but you know what I am looking for an appeal. Isn't there. This one has both kind of and it's eight ninety nine and it doesn't you know doesn't it doesn't go all the way forty five dollars doesn't go away. Male mates got in the middle but it does a happy medium very well and and I'm going to have a SIP because heaven a sip is a very good thing and back to negotiate winds. There's a bunch of out there. I think Cameron Hughes up there there's a few other ones out the if you look it up if you if you go online look up negotiate wines. It's a really good way and actually some French wines. Coming in here are from people who are buying the winds and putting together the sometimes are from wineries but since you can come in little cheaper you can bring it the United States with the transportation. Everything is still come up with a good price on a line. It's a great way of getting a value priced wine. If if they pick the kind of wine you want. You have to trust their pallet and most of the goals have Canada House Pal. You know what they're going to bring to you. I'm aren't yellow. Doesn't work for them really well. If they're going to every winds completely different you have to kind of have you kind of know where they're going it doesn't have to be exact same lines lines over and over again but it has to Kinda have the same feel that a lot of people enjoy they have to Kinda have abroad pal. That many people like the specially in certain price range I think in different price range. The the what the the your favorite palate is changes but there are negotions out there and it's one of those winds winds that you should always be aware of because there are times when you're in a wine shop you're not sure what to buy. And you see negotiate wine there. You know there's a year in the Merlo section and there's fifteen wives out of what you know and you know that one is going to be one of the other winds but for four four bucks cheaper. That might be the one you might Wanna by that time. So keep that in mind is negotiate lines are a good thing the wind they the the existing winery originating winery. They They get they get cash. Invokes they get money for their wine. They don't get they get rid of their excess It kind of gets a taste for their wine. I've actually seen them Negoti were so good at pushing their wines that they sold out in the original winery didn't and the regional winery. What Hey A we made that you know because they want to know you know 'cause you know sometimes times you know. The marketing part of negociants is the most important people are really good and ninety plus has been making Really good wine serve not making really good wines selling really good wines for a while Gigli like there And Expensive New Zealand Saban blocked. That's been a a really solid salad. One one the best inexpensive ones you can find and there's other ones out there that are really great and back in the day When they used to make wines that used to when the winery was bottling their wines they would you know finish battling their winds they would stick the ninety stellar Labels on and they do that and they were supposed to put the cap or the corks in there but these to get caught a lot of times because you would get a ninety plus sellers wine and had had the cork from the original winery in there. So you know. Oh that's who made ate it up. You weren't supposed to know it was they don't have that problem anymore But that used to happen. And that's what this wines about. You have to trust them that together. They're going to go out and make a good a good selection and you have to trust them that it's going to be cheaper than the original one and that's how it that's the whole model for this thing. They are going to come in. They're gonNA make a good selection wine in it may own they're going to be a value and that's the whole point all of this and that's a good thing to know if you're into wine and this little Pinot Noir La from California. It's not Monterey. It's not Mendocino's not Santa. Santa Barbara doesn't have any fancy names of tach to it could be. It could be the best Pinot producer out there and it could be from single vineyard. I don't know probably not but it could but you don't know because this negotiate wine and it tastes pretty good. I'm enjoying this nine dollar Pinot Noir. It's it's a lovely Lee bought. I'd buy it again I rarely buy them again. Because we do with these wind reviews all time you cannot keep on moving. You can't stop but negotiate. She didn't wind ninety plus sellers. That's what they are find out. Who the negotiates IRA near area? I'd like I said I haven't looked at their website But I think at one point. They're only like twenty five states but find out who your negotiations are and give them a try because if you're aligned with their pal up You can have great wines and save yourself some money and nothing wrong with that so ideas for now Will come up. Oh I have a crazy wine. In a bit we have the Bordeaux 2017 vintage Asia Tasting at the drake on Wednesday. The drake is a fancy old school fancy hotel Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio honey mood Chicago. So there's a big to do on Wednesday. We'll be going to so I won't be doing anything on Wednesday but after that I've got kind of a crazy cool wine that I'm really looking forward to drinking and there's there's more We'll have some fun and I'll talk to you later audios and..

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