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Online Trading Academy, really shed some light on generating consistent income inside of the market. You know, we've been talking about income in a lot of different lot of different forms and fashions were inside of our retirement accounts, you know, different multiple streams of income different types of income. But really always does boil down to just making a little more money today. Whether we spend it today or whether we spend at those golden years is really kind of up to us. But the goal is always to keep those accounts growing. Really, no matter what whether you're just tuning in. Maybe your first time listener maybe been with us for the whole show get excited. The best is yet to come. And Larry a lot of our listeners are new to the markets, and they're looking to get started off on the right foot and many have been investing for a while. And just not quite reaching their goals. And also there's another group out there who's been doing fairly well in the markets, and they're really just looking to do they're really looking to do better. What are some of the keys maybe for each one of these or even if you want to attack them kind of as a whole? The individuals need to be doing in order to generate really those better those better and more consistent returns instead of the financial markets so students before them have learned is that it really comes down to having a simple step by step investments system or process system. Again, stands for saving yourself stressed time, energy and money and the purpose here of having a system is building that consistency to be able to be trading over and over again or investing over and over again and being able to generate your need of what it's gonna take to help you have that better lifestyle. And so we looked like you mentioned that we've said this before you're gonna learn how to finally analyze commit to and trading the right way to generate make money in the markets. You're also to be able to learn that they're different in new exciting ways to generate multiple streams of revenue by trading in the markets. A lot of millionaires have a minimum of five different income. Streams most of us have just one. So being able to build a skill that can help you make different income. Streams in the market is something that's great. But most important. Certainly we do for our students through our core strategy, which is a patented simple step-by-step investment strategy it teaches people how to avoid the common mistakes that so many traders make over and over again that causes them to lose money. Yeah. You were talking about, you know, the mistakes that they make and that's one of the things I love starting class off with is one and a half day classes starting it off with with. Here's the top ten biggest mistakes really in most common mistakes made by the average trader and investor and here they are. So that we can identify them. So that we can avoid them. You know, one of the things I always like to talk with my classes as I say think about it. What if you could go back in time, and you could eliminate maybe your largest or maybe a handful of your largest losses that you've experienced as an investor a lotta times that would put us leaps and bounds ahead of where we are financially right going in and just eliminating a few of those losses. And when we talk about building out a business plan when we talk about building out a trading plan inside of the market. It's all about that. It's identifying these costly mistakes our business evolves. Right denting, these costly mistakes. And. Then putting in and using a rule based strategy to make sure that they never happen again. Right. It's all about analyzing what we've done and learning from it. Now, we've been doing this for over twenty years. Now, we have around fifty different financial education centers around the world. And so you don't have to reinvent the wheel with Artie had over over four hundred thousand individuals come through our doors to experience our education as there's already had a lot of this take place. And so now when you're coming in you're actually getting able to reap the benefits of the fruits of these labours right by actually coming in and going. Okay. This these are the ten most common mistakes that are made this is how you avoid them. And this is how you proffer from staying as far away from these kind of mistakes. I I heard somebody call them pitfalls wants, you know, avoid these pitfalls. So that we could just thrive financially inside of the financial markets and a lot of times. That's a that's a difficult thing for our ego to accept our ego says I'm not doing anything wrong. I just need to do better at the things that I'm. Are already really really good at right? When in reality. There's things that we're doing that. We believe to be right. That are actually costing us money. Those are tend to be some of the most costly mistakes that we make inside of the financial markets that we make with our decision making process. Well, one of the ways that we can help kind of fix that or help kind of right that ship is right now, I've got a half day classes coming up in your area and the half day classes, where you're going to see exactly what it takes to really implement a rules based strategy in the financial markets. So that you could see how you could generate more income inside of the financial markets. Now in just a second. You're gonna have a chance to win a set of passes one of these.

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