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An eye on the wall. You're back with Madari house with me. Andrew moolah still with me, Marcus hippie color to rebelo and Augustine matchel Ari and let's look now at France, the efforts of which to protect its language from sullying by foreign phrases have been marked and or derided for some decades by programs such as this in keeping with that tradition. We turn our attention to the latest haram finger of the commission for the enrichment of the French language, which is a real thing this time at the phrase fake news recently, beloved of assorted populist charlatans Selfo keleaf. It's a horrible acronym has suggested that instead French people say infamous fallacies or perhaps infants, which is a portmanteau of information and intoxication. I quite like infamous philosophers it. It sounds like a a failed new romantic band nineteen eighty-five Augusta. And first of all is it is it we kill Kilfoyle soul forever. They preferred to be called cold the commission for the enrichment of the French language when they're actually kind of all. About enforcing the opposite yet is weird and what's even weirder is the front seems to have at least two bodies dictating what kind of calm entered into the language. Indeed, I hope they get into massive arcane arguments. I really do. Can you imagine the pedants that must work. Speaking myself as someone who fancies himself as quite the humility pet. And these people are operating at a level that I, I can only dream of transcendental. That's exactly the word I, whatever the French quivalent of that is. It is strange. I was just laughing as you did your cue for that because of Asli England has no such problem with the adoption of foreign words into the language, which is why we're able to refer to enforce is a portmanteau indeed. So I'm glad you spotted that. I was hoping listeners would. On that point, though, color isn't this weed that France does this, that it is so resistant to its its language, evolving and coopting because Guston correctly points out one of the great strengths of English. One of the reasons that it has become romantically enough. The global lingua franca if you will, is that it has been so adept at sort of picking and choosing adopting an appropriating phrases from other languages. I think with friends is a depot what French is a deep deep question here. Obviously, I think there's still a lot of romantics around that. Like to look back to France, French has the business language of Europe which used to be at a certain point up until maybe the ATS. And that's then when English just to Cova and committees like this, try to protect the language in the sense that there's this weird fear that if they allow these foreign words to come into everyday language, that people will one day. Just to eventually stop talking French speaking French altogether. And you see that a lot when you try to, you know, even in Portugal up until the nineties French was the business language like foreign language, like all the important books that couldn't be translated into Portuguese, and we're not in French or English would be translated into French, and that's what would be the main language you'd learn at school because it was considered the way you speak in Europe in the continent. If you were going to do meetings and business, and that's is dramatically different nowadays. And I think the essence of this is to kind of keep it ahead way Marcus, what?.

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