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This week in 2000 for the Boston Red Sox completed a four game sweep sweep of the ST Louis Cardinals to win their first World Series and 86 years who started the clinching game four. For the Red Sox Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt came out of the pen in that one. Old lefty. Yeah, it's ah, girl. Yeah, Let me tell you Teddy Roosevelt out of the pen. I have never seen looking like that in my life while Boston beer company. I hadn't looked at this stock in Ah, a little while prior to reading this story. Well, neither God, I think the last time I looked at it was like in the middle of the summer, and it was like five or 600 bucks. And then I see this story. It's like Boston beer surges past 1000 share, and I'm like Holy Toledo, like what is what is going on here and tell you what's going on is hard Seltzer is going on. Apparently. What's the deal? So I think I'm just missing out because apparently hard Seltzer is the most popular thing. It might even be more popular than sliced bread in 2020. What's with all this salsa? So I mean, if you had told me that we were going to face a pandemic, in which restaurants and bars Would have a substantial hindrance to doing business for the entirety of 2020. Boston beer would have been the first Cos on my list that is concerning Turns out not not so much. And yeah, it really in my view, at least doesn't have much to do with their traditional where they started making loggers. And these days I possess and all that sort of stuff has everything to do with the Seltzer and people are just Infatuated with the growth that they're seeing. What's the deal with these shelters? I order I've never had one. What's funny? Is that like, at least among my peers, the truly hard seltzer, which Sam Adams own Is really not even in the top three shelters that are, you know, consumed. Apparently, they still they and white cloth still are maintaining three quarters market share right now, In spite of all the new entrance, so, no, bud light a little after name ever Just imagine any big beer company. They all have a seltzer. It doesn't matter Which one. You talk mean. I'll tell you this much. You know, I live in a beach town and All summer. Everybody had the shelter of the week in terms of like what was in their beach cooler and whether it was high noon or You know, white cloth or anything else that really came out. There's so many options now, but that's all people were drinking on the beach, where Seltzer's What's it cost to buy a six pack of these similar of any beer? Really like a Bud Bud Weiser six or something like that. Maybe it's a little bit more. So here's my theory. I would imagine that these were cheaper to make than beer. Yeah, well, yeah, I would think so. It depends. It depends on which one because, like there's Seltzer's out there that literally have vodka in the mixed in and then the Salters can vary whether it's a malt or something like that. So May I understand your point? It could be cheaper like you. Do you know it's actually one of the more complicated beers to make its mass produces a lager. Budweiser log right? Exactly. Loggers are really complex to make more.

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