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Yeah, respect to him. Undefeated. Godspeed to all our listeners who called in. And remember, if you want to ask Tyler anything and everything over the next 5 months before the World Cup, the number to do so 646-450-9472 any time because we will be back in a couple of weeks, but I want to end this podcast with one final note of inspiration Tyler, which means I'm going to hand it over to you and ask you to look back on the interpretive your journey and give us a piece of advice or a quote or a person that you've learned from that you draw strength from on this grind towards World Cup one that for me throughout my entire journey. There's no one that's had a bigger impact on me than my parents. I've been very fortunate for the sacrifices that they've been able to make on me trying to achieve my dream, leaving behind what they want to do and putting me and my brothers at the forefront of everything and perfect example of that is whenever I have the opportunity to play at home or a game where they're in the stands immediately, I'm always looking for them and making sure I know where they are during the national anthem, smiling and waving at them because when I look at my parents, it's suddenly relaxes me. Just like when I grew up playing in the academy or playing recreational soccer, they were always there for me. So to be able to look up at them and know that they're there supporting me now and the biggest stage, it's no different than playing on the small stage. So when we see you take the field with the United States of America and you're looking around, you are able to locate your parents and you are able to make eye contact during that national anthem. 100%. I always know where my parents are. My dad always gives me instructions on the field too, so I'm always able to communicate with them. Are they going to be at World Cup 2022? Yeah, a 100%. They're going to make that England game just feel like an academy game. That's a goal. Tyler Adams, godspeed to you. Many thanks to you, you incredible. Thank you for having me, Raj. It's been a pleasure. And thanks to all of you at Volkswagen for making this happen. I am going to tape the next one in my Atlas until next month. Godspeed America and courage..

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