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Families for over eighty years federally insured by NCUA for a preview of today's game well said inside Fenway Park in Boston with Chris singleton here's John Tshombe all right nice to hear from the new guy Marquez to sure back there in the studio yeah we get ready for CC Sabathia and Eduardo Rodriguez so you for the Yankees of late the problem has been stopping people from scoring last six games they have given up sixty three total runs that's the most runs allowed over a six game stretch in franchise history it's **** ugly now it has and we saw that in the first game of the series on Thursday night it was like a boxing match that somebody's you know scream and throw in the towel Masahiro Tanaka out there just having to wear it and the reason being was that the the bull pen just taxed in in the starters needed to get some links those unfortunate situation is see a big league pitcher having to stay out there and can't get anybody out but that's the state of the Yankees at this point fortune they score a lot of runs but as we approach the July thirty first trade deadline you know for certain that Brian Cashman is out there shopping hard to get a starter or two for that rotation yeah what about the red Sox and their needs I mean because when you look at it realistically despite the game's back number it's still ten in the loss column for both the rays and the red Sox right now in the east it would seem to tracking down the Yankees would be unlikely and so you're trying to make some type of an adjustment get yourself into a better space in terms of how you're playing but one of the red Sox need to do you know who this it it's an interesting discussion in and not just the red Sox but other teams around the league to wear their position what's their willingness to add so many people kind of on that fence as far as do we sell do we add we can talk about sever just go giants but here with the Boston Red Sox a week ago people are talking about well maybe move JD Martinez because of how far back the red Sox are you could opt out out of his deal reports Sello it's a free agent after this year but as it stands half game back in the wildcard for the red Sox in there looking up at the raise their tied with the Oakland Athletics there definitely a team they can get a post season and I think that here in recent memory when you look at these first two games of the series another red Sox haven't had a great year like they had last year but they're looking and saying Hey arguably the best team in baseball the Yankees we just handed it to him two games in a row we might need to add because we can get into the postseason with a wild card game and find ourselves perhaps back in the World Series again so I know it hasn't seem like that with the two eight start for the red Sox but I would think at this point nobody's getting traded they have to look to add and it's got to be in the bull pen Boston's offense has been on track of late last year they led the majors in runs per game and right now as it stands the lead the majors in runs per game we get ready for our first pitch we sent it back to the studio.

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