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I'm asking in one more on less things i'm saima's standard is as fit our own eye less i know so i could but i wouldn't can assume is tv down david pizarro's yvette monet clarity we love entitled tv lamido too we lost ben forever and we're is data here like ahtisaari was the real answer is all i like to help out i'm sorry i know i know what you're saying that i like the most i've ever paid to get into anything would be five hundred bucks is anybody did you have obviously in an environment in a four hundred boxes sit in the upper deck at veterans stadium and watch tv shown and joe gerevich girls now have at halftime now as i i'll just an order laura really championship game leave it it'll add one more thing relates not know homophobe no eight is that air if you guys way when mark voted i said i've paid more than five hundred how will you know we don't want you to leave it at eur experiences with your life experiences yet been keen naidoo played in the super bowl why they've spun records at the super happy i had allowed him to i'm there you probably have access to purchase things that we wouldn't so i don't begrudge you for paying more than that or if she's really find marcel his how does i salute rather why they are in no way forty two thousand for two nights twenty one that's what of what can i should with amazing i'll let me tell you this max and michelle emma agent the golden state not yet gain.

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