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Passengers. Samantha Josephson was murdered in South Carolina, allegedly by a man who trapped her in his car after she mistakenly entered it her cousin. Seth says the companies that operate ride hailing apps must ensure the safety of passengers education and laws need to be put into place. To protect people and the ride share industry, South Carolina. Lawmakers are considering a new law requiring rideshare drivers have eliminated signs in their windshields. And in New York City there is similar legislation for those illuminated signs. Correspondent Scott Pringle has more talk about getting Uber and lift to better identify their vehicles. This is after Samantha Josephson was killed in South Carolina last week. She got into a car. She thought was her Uber ride. Instead police accuse the driver of killing her now city council speaker, Cory Johnson. He says this legislation makes sense to have these companies show lit up sign on their cars and in New Jersey funerals held for Josephson today. There are new details. Emerging about the final moments of Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed last month. Alex stone has the latest is Boeing faces some new questions the Boeing seven thirty-seven, Maxine went down in Ethiopia, you still a mystery. But the Wall Street Journal is quoting sources who say data from the black boxes indicate supply le'ts did follow procedure that the plane was nosing down. They deactivated the automation system. Boeing his said that should have fixed the issue, but the pilots reportedly still could not recover control of the plane, and for some unknown reason the pilots reportedly reactivated the automation got past security at an airport in Salt Lake City over the weekend and allegedly attack traveler is in custody. The victim says he sat down to wait for his flight, then felt a blow to his head strongly that I went black. I thought something had fallen.

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